15 years of high problems

existential / human kind question for tonight: in what are taller girls better than the shorter ones?

in bugs me all evening.

anybody who knows me would definitely say that i'm tall. tall.
i've been tall all my 15 years on this planet. till now i didn't know how it feels when you are the shortest person in the group.
now the boys in my class had grown and slowly (or rapidly, depends) they are getting taller than me.
i feel at least weird about it.

but i'm getting off the topic.

where was i?

oh. yes. how could i forget. high hight (good one, don't you think?)

shorter girls almost always want to be taller. why i ask?

i personally can spot any advantages of being tall.
you can't find long enough jeans in normal shops. topshop tall section, a big thanks to you.
you can't curl up cause your long legs don't fit on the chair.
you can't be comfortable in any plane, any.

you can't find a boyfriend who is taller than you. i don't know what are your criteria but i dream of having to stand on my toes to kiss him and being able to wear high heels without looking strange.


any short out there? i want to know why you are jealous of these few inches? it's not fun.

what can a taller girl do that the others can't?

i mean an average girl. not skinny. not even quite slim.

i'm really interested in that. can anyone illuminate me?

i would really appreciate that. ami? maggie? mari? zuza?

good night

love you,



feel it

longer days come so quickly. a week ago by this time it was dark and cold. now it's sun out there and the temperature is quite... high? like, it's so hot but it's not bad either.
this week i hate mondays cause i felt so sleepy after saturday in school that i fell asleep 3 times and forgot that tomorrow it's tuesday not sunday. and i also forgot to do my pe homework. nvm, nobody cares :)

the sketches of helena and demetrius are coming soon.

from last minute: i changed my glasses, now i have my mum's retro ones.
like it? :P
my friend said today that i look like an owl, i definitely feel like one.





i'm not sure about hermia. but i just love the lysander sketch. he looks just like the guy that plays him. the same pose the same hair. excellent :)

hermia is like a good girl from a good house but inside she is a rebel. i recommend you read the play.
lysander is more rebellious, his trousers look like they are made from leather, black jacket completes the look.

hope you like it,



and more doodles :)

remember my notebook doodles? the really colourful ones?
look! i've made some more
these are presents for my lovely cousins from canada, martha and anne. hope you like them :)

i'm so excited for the weekend :] can't wait.

love you,



the power pair

 the duke
hyppolyta, his future wife

aren't they just adorable together? :D
i just love these ones. i like power dress, so that was pretty easy. fortunately of the actors they agreed with these ones, just added a bit different colours.
and now, for example, imagine hyppolyta in more black and white colours. the jacket is striped. not so bad, huh? :)

hope you like these.

love you,



the waiting

i spend way too much cash on coffee. but i still don't have any internet at home. angry.
look what i've got!
yes. it is what you think. unless your thinking about noodles in a box... never mind.
it's a package from marni at h&m collection. and it's from earrings. nice :)

with mint taste, we are planning one big fashion shoot for the two looks i told you about. and now i've got some brand new ideas so... let the planning begin!

as for the galaxy look i was thinking for more like a industrial background. a parking lot? or some really old and scruffy looking building?
what do you think?

love you,


next one: more mnd design


pixie land

let's get creative.
oberon, faire king
titania, faire queen
these are the sketches that i made for the mnd performance.
like them?
they are like first punk, metal, rock style. 80s. 
i'm thinking about puck. funny :)

any way. that's it for today.

love you,


update: i've just seen the marni collection. loooovee it! i have some thing :)




i did not see any of the marni for h&m collection.
how bad is that for a fashion blogger (am i one?)

i have some kind of mental disfunction. at least i think i have. so that is against that, i don't know.

forgot again. my god. help me!...

next time: pixies!

love you,




todays society is heartless. and blind. no feeling just ruthless, raw crowd. i won't even say a crowd of people because a human is definitely not like that.

they can't see through the coats, scarfs and and boots. they can't hear through the headphones, rumours and communicators. they can't feel through their sterile hands and gloves. cruel.

and everyday.


i don't know what i feel, flux it.

there is a girl. she is walking through the city. headphones on, guitar in her hand. normal (?)
society does not approve.
let's finish her. she does not suit here. why (?)

they won't let her. why (?)



why not

ripped thoughts. 

bye, bye strange creature (she can't be a girl, to common, it's creature)

the end



let me upgrade ya...

i forgot to scan the sketches for fairies (mnd), sorry. i didn't really have time to do that.

as you probably noticed i changed a bit the layout of my blog. and the other news is that i'm currently looking for new ideas for my logo. mint taste suggests a starry, galaxy photo. i want to work on some sketches for that. any ideas? what would you want to see?

unfortunately, i don't really have time to review any of the fw shows, i have to study and revise for my exams in the end of april. they are the most important exams in my life so far. well... i can argue here actually. the exams to high school can be close. anyway. they are quite important, so i'm really sorry that i'm not going to write here many long posts. i would really like to review something...

jacqueline is excited for new marni for h&m collection. and i can't say that i am not. there is the chance. here this collection comes out on 8th of march, women day. perfect :)
expect that, quite soon.

i still don't have the internet. love it with all my heart <3 -.-

that's it. cafe is closing. till tomorrow :*

love you,




oh my freakin' god

i hate that i don't have internet when i want to. sucks. my teacher even suggested that i'm not alive anymore. great.

anyway. i have a great news for you.

i have drama classes in my school. and this year we have to make a play based on a book. our lecture is shakespeare's 'midsummer nights dream'.
everybody has a different role, we write our own scenario and all that stuff.

my drama teacher knows that i'm interested in fashion and design so she made me...

a costume designer for the whole play!
isn't that just amazing?!

i'll be drawing sketches and maybe sawing some clothes.
tomorrow i'll try to scan some of them and show you.

now, sorry but i'm really tired and the cafe i'm in is closing.

but no fear. till tomorrow!

love ya,