lack of found

yesterday the city woke up under a thick layer of snow. everything was quiet, once again the winter surprised everyone. we should've been prepared for that, after all it is february. but i like the snowy surprise. when i was walking in the morning on the fresh snow, i had a strange feeling like i was the only person in the world who enjoys how fresh snow sounds and the feeling it gives when you walk thought it.

well, i don't adore it in 100% but for me... let's just say that one of the reasons i love winters is because there is snow in the cities. the most important reason i'm a bit annoyed about the winter is this that because of cold temperatures i can't shoot my newly created look. 

the look is really cool, i'm so proud of it. it's in magical starry mood, i could say. hopefully, i'll have time this weekend to shoot this thing.
and btw. i have to sort out my lens situation.

later that day the snow melted. it became a slimy, dirty bleh. i hate that stuff.

now i'm sitting in my sky jacket and i'm cold, where the heck is my jumper!
found it

i'm tired of that. i want converse!
i'm mad at that and that and that!

anyway. that's it i think.

adieu :*

love you,


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