doodles doodles...

i has been almost a month. and you have no news from me. that's not right, i think.

do you like doodles? like, you know, these little, simple drawings that you make in your notebook when you're really bored with what the teacher is saying in class. happens to me all the time. so i doodle a lot, since i started school it's quite a long time so my doodles actually look like something, not just lines and circles.
so i decided to make some use of them.

recently i've made this ones:
this is the cover of my math notebook. it's very colourful. you know that i hate maths so i hope a nice notebook will make it better :)
and this is my history notebook:
i'm planning to make these for all of my notebooks, each one will be special and one of a kind.

do you like them?

love you,


ps. i wrote this whole post about a week ago. while i was clicking the post button, my internet got cut off. i had a crazy week, i was in school even on saturday so i couldn't focus on anything. now i'm sitting in a cafe, and  finally have internet connection! yey for me!

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