town that walks around

walk around, you say?

bath is that town. i mean really, it's kinda small, in comparison to london at least, so when i was there i ended up walking on the same street like three times at least. i even sat on the same bench twice. cool.

but i like it a lot. i mean i like it in a different way than the big cities that i visit. it's a completely different category.

actually i went there for a strong, fashion related reason. as you probably know in bath there is a famous fashion museum with quite large collection of clothes from all ages.
i really wanted to see that museum last time i was in bath, on my fashion course, but we didn't have enough time to go there.
and i'm almost 16 now so it's the last moment for a free entry :)

the museum was partly closed cause they're preparing for a new exhibit about fashion and sport. want to read more? try here.

but it didn't matter to me. i was the only visitor (well, i was expecting that. who is a bigger freak than me? me coming to the museum like half an hour after the opening), the whole building, or basement rather, the exhibition is there, was wide open for me. i got a free audio guide and headed downstairs.

the costumes where amazing. there is a current trend session, dress of the year, historical wear (you can even try on a crinoline and a corset if you want) and a behind the scenes room. you can see how the little black dress evolved, how you had to dress for a royal court visit in 16th century and how current trends affected culture changes.

the most interesting thing for me was the behind the scenes. you could see how they take care of all these clothes, how you can date these and what can you find out about the person that wore it.

there was a drawing wall there and i left one of my sketches there. it's inspired by 1920's. i'm kinda fascinated by these times.
later i visited the roman baths, absolutely amazing. recommend it :)
generally the visit was so much bette than liverpool. i'll definitely spend one and a half hour in the train from paddington to visit bath again.

and btw their shops are amazing :)
example :)
visit ---> fashion museum
visit ---> roman baths

ugly kitten approves.

love you all,

xoxo from bath

p.s. this is my everyday snack. it's a middle of winter and i'm eating mangoes and raspberries.
isn't it just amazing?

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