o rly? yeah.

i think i should finally post something, shouldn't i?

so, there it goes

no. to the whole world. no.

i'm done.

no, i'm not actually.

new year. it's under a sign of illness, yeah. but it's gonna be ok. it has to be. 

any new year's resolutions? of course! as always. besides obvious ones i have:
-spend at least one hour on sketching everyday (my goal is to be able to draw a good model in 6 months)
-read more, i hope to read around 30 books this year plus my school lectures (now i'm supposed to be reading shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream, good luck with that)
-regularly blog 

as for the last point. i know i suck in those kind of promises but this time it'll be different, at least i hope.
i got this:
it's totally for blogging and fashion. 

the goal is to post something new at least every two days. at least. 
post drawings!
as soon as i get my lens your gonna have your photos :)

and... from me that's it. 

bye :)

love you,


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