funny, little thing...

let's tidy up in here.
due to my lack of time (don't tell anyone - i was extremely lazy, forgive me :P) i failed to fulfil my promise.
but. there. it. is.
this is a post loadsin1(at first i was going to write 2in1 but i turned out to be a bit more than one) kind of thing. i planned a new collection post for friday 13th. but it was friday the 13th. when i got home from school, turned on my pear and... went to sleep. i didn't do anything that day. i was supposed to meet my friend for swimming, didn't happen, obviously.

there was a funny little thing about that day.

imagine everything turning white at once. like, you close your eyes for one moment and than, when you open them, all you can see is whiteness everywhere around you. you can't spot a thing that is further that your fingers and nose.
that's what happened when i was going back home. how weird and cool was it?
it's the begging of my winter holidays so it was a really nice thing. and there wasn't any snow before that, not even on christmas, so a big surprise for me :).

i love snow. so when it finally happened i just stood on the center of the street and watched the snowflakes falling. i think that now in my neighbourhood i have a nickname 'loony'.

the other part:
as you all remember perhaps i had a big project with my 'wall of stuff'. i was going to post a picture a day and all that stuff. and on 14th i was going to revel my results. 
i still don't have my camera back. that's the main reason why it's not here.
the other one is that i didn't draw, almost nothing. but there is a lot of interesting stuff there so when i get my nikon back, i'll definitely gonna post this photo.

and last but not least:
i'm officially going to london. this tuesday, for 10 days. isn't that exciting? i'm also going to visit bath and liverpool. i just can't wait!

love you,


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