nikon is back

just a quick one.
i'm back from london.
i got my camera back.
i've bought so many clothes in london that i really have to work on the looks to fit them all.
i'm working on the collection.
and that's about it...

bye for now,

love you,



town that walks around

walk around, you say?

bath is that town. i mean really, it's kinda small, in comparison to london at least, so when i was there i ended up walking on the same street like three times at least. i even sat on the same bench twice. cool.

but i like it a lot. i mean i like it in a different way than the big cities that i visit. it's a completely different category.

actually i went there for a strong, fashion related reason. as you probably know in bath there is a famous fashion museum with quite large collection of clothes from all ages.
i really wanted to see that museum last time i was in bath, on my fashion course, but we didn't have enough time to go there.
and i'm almost 16 now so it's the last moment for a free entry :)

the museum was partly closed cause they're preparing for a new exhibit about fashion and sport. want to read more? try here.

but it didn't matter to me. i was the only visitor (well, i was expecting that. who is a bigger freak than me? me coming to the museum like half an hour after the opening), the whole building, or basement rather, the exhibition is there, was wide open for me. i got a free audio guide and headed downstairs.

the costumes where amazing. there is a current trend session, dress of the year, historical wear (you can even try on a crinoline and a corset if you want) and a behind the scenes room. you can see how the little black dress evolved, how you had to dress for a royal court visit in 16th century and how current trends affected culture changes.

the most interesting thing for me was the behind the scenes. you could see how they take care of all these clothes, how you can date these and what can you find out about the person that wore it.

there was a drawing wall there and i left one of my sketches there. it's inspired by 1920's. i'm kinda fascinated by these times.
later i visited the roman baths, absolutely amazing. recommend it :)
generally the visit was so much bette than liverpool. i'll definitely spend one and a half hour in the train from paddington to visit bath again.

and btw their shops are amazing :)
example :)
visit ---> fashion museum
visit ---> roman baths

ugly kitten approves.

love you all,

xoxo from bath

p.s. this is my everyday snack. it's a middle of winter and i'm eating mangoes and raspberries.
isn't it just amazing?


what happens on thames path

today was really good. yes it was.
it was the first really good day since i'm here.
a long, long walk around the city that i love. followed by an exciting visit in design museum. i really recommend it, the shop is amazing btw.
i bought a water bobble :) lavender one

i walked half of london. i'm quite proud of myself.
an amazing sunset, isn't it?

tomorrow i'm going to bath. to visit the amazing shops there and the costume museum.

i love london so much for it's tolerance. like... you can dress any set of clothes you want and people won't look at you like a freak. i just love it.

thank you red notebook,

love you,



only curtains.

i was going to write a long post about how i hate liverpool.
but it gives me wrong karma so i'll spare you that.
this photo speaks for it self.
the only thing that was quite nice about it was the sunset:
but that's definitely it.

the alice in wonderland exhibit wasn't great either.
just... it wasn't worth it entirely.

love you,


they even got just wrong lights:


arty lunch

hey, this is what i had for lunch today
this photo is like that on purpose, i just thought i looks funny
this is just a quick one.
my mum left today and i'm in london all alone. i was wondering around south kensington today and visited v&a and the natural history museum. if you have time i recommend you to see the best photo of the year exhibition there. it's absolutely freaking awesome!

bye for now,

love you,



like an old friend.

i'm working here.

please do not disturb

you remember my fascination about big, fluffy jumpers? certainly, i'm writing about it all the time.

but i couldn't find the perfect one. like... perfect! 
there wasn't any love from the first sight, no 'wow, this is it!'
and now i decided to change it.

here is what i want to do:

as for my first design-art project this year i'm going to...
design my very own line of perfect jumpers. 

what you think of that?
tell me in the comments.

love you,




i don't think that there is another place like london, for me at least.
i breath differently.
i don't crook that much.
i smell differently.
my eyes change...
i don't think that's pretty normal but who cares?

i love london.



come home.

just a really quick one cause i'm busy packing.
i'm going to london!
any special places you think that i wanna visit?
any at all?

and for the end a quick shoot from yesterdays shoot.
i think i like it :)

love you all,



rock rabbits.

welcome ladies and gentlemen to tonights show. 
today we're presenting you the first in this universe - rocking rabbits!
without further additions, let the show begin!
take a closer look at those:
rock rabbits show contains:
hat - h&m
false glasses - primark
 rabbit dress - h&m
black cardigan (?) - veromoda
tights - h&m
boots - i have no freaking idea 
apple necklace - h&m
we'll be seeing more of these and lots of other attractions on the show later on. 
now, let me invite you for a short brake.

hope you've enjoyed our show so far.

love you all,



funny, little thing...

let's tidy up in here.
due to my lack of time (don't tell anyone - i was extremely lazy, forgive me :P) i failed to fulfil my promise.
but. there. it. is.
this is a post loadsin1(at first i was going to write 2in1 but i turned out to be a bit more than one) kind of thing. i planned a new collection post for friday 13th. but it was friday the 13th. when i got home from school, turned on my pear and... went to sleep. i didn't do anything that day. i was supposed to meet my friend for swimming, didn't happen, obviously.

there was a funny little thing about that day.

imagine everything turning white at once. like, you close your eyes for one moment and than, when you open them, all you can see is whiteness everywhere around you. you can't spot a thing that is further that your fingers and nose.
that's what happened when i was going back home. how weird and cool was it?
it's the begging of my winter holidays so it was a really nice thing. and there wasn't any snow before that, not even on christmas, so a big surprise for me :).

i love snow. so when it finally happened i just stood on the center of the street and watched the snowflakes falling. i think that now in my neighbourhood i have a nickname 'loony'.

the other part:
as you all remember perhaps i had a big project with my 'wall of stuff'. i was going to post a picture a day and all that stuff. and on 14th i was going to revel my results. 
i still don't have my camera back. that's the main reason why it's not here.
the other one is that i didn't draw, almost nothing. but there is a lot of interesting stuff there so when i get my nikon back, i'll definitely gonna post this photo.

and last but not least:
i'm officially going to london. this tuesday, for 10 days. isn't that exciting? i'm also going to visit bath and liverpool. i just can't wait!

love you,



what this post is not going to be about.

it is not going to be about my miserable failure once again. no. not a chance.
it is not going to be about my trip to london next week. there will be time for those kinds of posts.
it is not going to be about the weather.
it is not going to be about my priceless wall of stuff which is growing bigger and bigger.
it is not going to be about my health nor school.

actually it's a 'trailer' to my new collection idea. this time it has to work out cause it's really close to me.
right now i'm extremely tired so...
let me leave you with a cliff-hanger.

next post will revile everything. well... almost.

love you all,
thanks for sticking with me whoever you are and wherever you live. thank you.




what? nothin'. nothin'.

getting better if you're interested.

my wall of stuff has taken my whole room. i mean actually my whole room. there are images everywhere.

i don't have inspiration for this tonight.


tomorrow... jumper post!

love you all,



o rly? yeah.

i think i should finally post something, shouldn't i?

so, there it goes

no. to the whole world. no.

i'm done.

no, i'm not actually.

new year. it's under a sign of illness, yeah. but it's gonna be ok. it has to be. 

any new year's resolutions? of course! as always. besides obvious ones i have:
-spend at least one hour on sketching everyday (my goal is to be able to draw a good model in 6 months)
-read more, i hope to read around 30 books this year plus my school lectures (now i'm supposed to be reading shakespeare's a midsummer night's dream, good luck with that)
-regularly blog 

as for the last point. i know i suck in those kind of promises but this time it'll be different, at least i hope.
i got this:
it's totally for blogging and fashion. 

the goal is to post something new at least every two days. at least. 
post drawings!
as soon as i get my lens your gonna have your photos :)

and... from me that's it. 

bye :)

love you,