c'est fini

i recently realised that i haven't post a ootd in like, ages. so here is a new years eve one. as i promised. haha, good start of the year, first promise kept! 

and btw, spoiler alert, no, i didn't go anywhere. 
and yes, this means i dressed up for scrolling down tumblr till midnight. feel free to judge me.
 yes, i am aware of the fact that my hands look like they're dead or something. yeah...
jacket - david moore
top - h&m
maxi skirt - reserved
shoes - doc martens
studded bracelet - glitter
earrings and rings - topshop

eyes - l'oreal paris, color infaillible in eternal black
lips - sephora rouge in crush
nails - manhattan, lotus effect in, eh this is disappointing, 65w

i've become good friends with my camera though this photo shoot so maybe i'll post some more ootd, like once a week? maybe? would you enjoy that? (that's not a promise!)

should i get into the 2012/2013/newyearsresolutions/etc thing?
maybe just a bit. 
firstly, let's go through the ones from last year:
-draw everyday - well, i kinda did it. i'm better but i could use some practise.
-read more - this year i've read a least 42 books. i wanted to go to the usual 50, but i just didn't manage. 2013 and 50 books, challenge accepted.
-post regularly - well, you can tell how it went. i needed 3 months to complete something i was supposed to do in one month. but i posted quite frequently, i guess. you can judge that for yourself.
and btw, even though the calendar thing didn't work out as good as i planned, i still got the 2013 one. 

this year:
-i need to work more, like work on my portfolio and stuff like that. dream is to get a scholarship in london so i need to get myself together.
-this is sort of connected to the first one. i'll blog more, because it's fun, because i like it and because i can share doing something i love.
-i should be nicer to people. probably.

yeah, this is achievable. i hope at least. 
tell me about and show me your new year. it'll be fun.

and as i am a sneaky person like that, did you fulfil your resolutions? and did you have a 'midnight kiss'? wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

i wish you all the best for new year. let's hope this 13 will be lucky!





hi, hi, hi.
i've neglected you a bit. and i'm sorry. but i really have a good reason.
as you maybe remember i'm in this thing called ib. and myp.
don't mind them, the point is that i have to do my personal project. well, it should be done a bit by now...
anyway, i obviously picked a fashion related... haven't i already... yeah i did.

so. i actually did something today. i'm really proud of myself, because now, that i have my inspiration done, i can start drawing!
and it didn't take a lot of time so that's good too. i have some pictures, post tomorrow. i'm lying in my bed and i'm just too lazy.

since i got back from london, i've just been so ready and inspired to do stuff. i don't have a clue why but i feel like it's getting better.

good timing there, life. it's the end of the year and now it decided to get better, eh.
just hope 2013 won't be as shitty as 2012.

see you tomorrow,




seasonal greetings everybody :] 
that's so lame. and overused. but isn't that what christmas is all about? 
anyway. christmas happened. that's fun, isn't it? 

i got a new sketchbook. watercolours await! 
oh yea, and some books, and sweets, and puzzles, and a homemade jam, and an owl that smells like lavender. lovely ;)

what did you get?

in spirit of christmas i want to give you a brilliant present. it's not material but i hope you enjoy. it's a recommendation. remember my friend melissa from my last post? well, she has a blog. and it's way better than mine, she actually shows some of her works :) so if you want to check that out:

merry christmas or if you don't celebrate, just a wonderful festive and wintery time!

and just one more thing:

since london i've started to use my instagram and twitter more. so if you want to follow me on that:
twitter: @mondaysfashion
instagram: @mondaysfashion

soon i'll post a few outfits. perhaps one for new years, because even though i'm probably not even going outside (i'msoalone) i'll dress up and sit on tumblr all night long. the best.




what can you do in a week?

i think that's the first post i've ever dedicated to anyone

i'm sitting in a chair, the hall is packed with people.

'can i sit here?'

'um... yeah, sure. what's your name?'

'i'm jake. but for now i'm apparently benjamin.'

'and what's your name?'


'and you?'

'cat (or is it kat?)'

and onwards goes the conversation.

this is so simple.
sure, sure, sure... costa, camden... sure.

look at us a week later. i would never think that some strangers could become friends in only a week.
now, that i've become the girl with a unpronounceable name again, i share that. now, every time i listen to florence and the machine - working on projects.
farringdon tube station - 9.30 in the morning, going with a massive sketchbook and half-asleep.
camden - just pure greatness, even in the rain (thank you so much for showing me around there!)
and finally
euston -  the station nobody remembers about, nobody knows, but it's the best one :]

thank you soo much. you made my usually single london a bit less lonely :)

i'm gonna miss you so much. in fact, i miss you all already.



btw. jake, you can have that ruler ;]


sure, sure, sure...

d. 3.
we had an illustration workshop this morning. it was pretty interesting, i got to explore some new techniques of drawing, including holding your pen like i'm retarded. i'm not, by the way :)
these are the ones i'm most proud of, or the ones that i actually like. it's one of my first tries at that, and i don't think it's all crap (this usually happens). i just need to work on that but these are kinda interesting.

d. 4.
it was like a free day. some research on your own, creating a mood board, working out the colour scheme. that sort of thing. i really enjoy gluing and cutting stuff into my sketchbook. the only problem was that at first i wasn't sure about the theme of extreme climates. but one of the tutors, john, helped me get it all summed up, and it seems to be going quite well.

i'm going to post some more pictures tomorrow. if the world isn't gonna end :) 

i can't believe a week went past so quickly. on friday it's the end of the course, i'm really sad now. i've only just met these guys but i already love them as my friends. i just really hope we're gonna stay in touch, at least me. cause i'm terrible at being friends and keeping it all, wish me luck :)




dessert star wars

so i'm now on my course. like not literally right now but in general. today was my second day.
more on that in a second.

d. 1.
i was really early. but it paid off, i got a seat and didn't have to wait for my pass (yeah, i got a student pass, i feel so professional. i even got a student discount in a shop. for a single glue but still). blueberry, she's taking a architecture course, was late. but i've met some new people, they're really nice. but i kinda feel left out, cause i'm like the only one not from there, so it's kinda weird. the course it's interesting. look what i did today:
are these photos fine? cause i don't have my big camera with me so i'm taking them with an old olympus. btw can you see a pattern?

d. 2. 
we saw the valentino exhibition in somerset house! it is really cool, even if it's little. maybe not little but i thought it will be bigger... but still, the dresses are wonderful and you should go. i took some notes and did some sketches for the small collection we have to present to class after this course. 

'future fantasy'

that should be good.

i'm going for the stars war approach, i think. got my newspapers, got my notes.

tomorrow, illustration and king's cross library.

and for the end, do you think i should tell them about this blog? some of them have blogs, but i feel like mine is a bit not really on topic...
what do you think?

btw. instagram is changing their policy, i'm still not sure but i might be deleting my account.

see you tomorrow,




guess where i am?

in a very hard bed. in a room the size of a matchbox. in a 3 floor building (lift goes only to the 2nd one). 

in london!

if you follow me on twitter or instagram you would know, hehe

fun things from today:
there is no row 13 in an airplane. 
i saw a single shoe on the baggage claim.
every man around me fell asleep as soon as we took off. with newspapers on their heads. 

tomorrow i'm gonna post some pictures :)



p.s. i't trying this new body wash from soap and glory and it's like the most amazing thing on this planet!


(a gingerbread man and a christmas tree)

today was pretty good, well is, i don't know what will happen until midnight. pretty much the only things i hate today are crowds of people and the speed my internet decides to work on [hate it].

other than my 'fascinating' stories from today, i'm slowly getting excited for christmas, or, more likely, starting to try to be excited for christmas, you follow me on that?
i wore my christmas jumper and my festive earrings and downloaded my christmas songs.
(the only thing about them is that i'm so alone...)

we're slowly going to the end of the year. i'm really glad. it is horrible. all those '2012 please be good to me' are crap...

i just want to be ok...

see you soon,





that's not actually related at all... i just like this word. and the zigzags. but that's it. i should probably title  it z end. hehe... i'm gonna die alone... jesus christ, just get on with it...

ok, bye for now :)

hope you enjoyed this series at least a bit. if you want me to do anything like that again tell me in the comments.






i want to be one.
the end is coming.




well hello. again. been a while.

let me introduce you to a fantastic artist. i have him on repeat basically all the time.
alt-j - tessellate

just listen, good, now go and save the world.

kidding. don't go yet.

i'm learning how draw 'properly'. it's fun. the lady is nice.

i'm only 9 books away from completing the '2012 50 books challenge', and i'm pretty proud of myself.

i ate so many maltesers that it's unbelievable.

and i want christmas.



ps. the a-z thing is going to end this month, i promise.



like you know, the size. as you know, i love baggy and oversized clothes. and i'm quite... mmm... fluffy as i am so x is a common letter on labels in my wardrobe. many of them are men's and that's even larger (so better :). i like to hide in my clothes and i don't like my body and people looking at it so it's a win-win, right? 




remember that thing i wanted to put up around this time last year? as you know, i started but than for a long time i didn't really update it? yeah... it got kinda out of control... now like most of my room is covered with pictures, posters, cut-outs and other crap. but i love it, like a my mind is there. 
let me show you:
this happened in a year. imagine next year...

it's my favourite technique to colour up sketches and also it's a lot of fun. i mostly use watercolour pencils because it's a lot easier on the go and i have a lot of colours :) if you're wondering i'm using koh-i-noor. a pencil, than a small brush and my trusty jar with water and i'm ready to create :)
in the future expect some watercolours regarding my personal project. hope you'll enjoy.

also check out wishwishwish 
she's really cool





update on the other update:

by not so popular but still demand

now you can reach me on

instagram: @mondaysfashion
[i'll post approximately one photo a day, some ootds maybe]


twitter: @mondaysfashion
[if you tweet me any questions or basically anything, i'll most likely respond there, within a day or so :]

hope you'll like it :)



oh, and w coming soon, gotta take some photos


suspicious eyes.

i have a few questions for you.
since i try to write more, should i get a twitter?
now i have an iphone, so maybe twitter and/or instagram?

 this is really weird...

and also i think that i should end my posts with something more normal that xoxo.





sidenote: yes, this was supposed to be a rainbow, didn't work.
it's my favourite museum in the whole wide world. at least from those i visited. as you probably know it is a art museum. it not only has a collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics but also a exhibition on theatre, silver, jewellery... most of the arts i think. and the best thing is that this spring i think, might be summer, they finally reopened the fashion exhibition! it is wonderful! the whole room is big and white and filled with the awesomest things out there. if you have the opportunity, go! right now they have their ballgowns exhibition, some of the most legendary dresses ever! there is even one specially made for this occasion. visit them at least once, you won't regret a minute.

i'm talking about the magazine. i personally buy british edition most frequently. when i was younger i thought that it was all ads and that kind of crap but it turns out there is actually some great content in it. they interview a lot of my favourite people and they have a really interesting culture side, like exhibits and shows in london. in december, when i'll be visiting the lovely capital, i'll probably visit some of their propositions. also their photos are amazing for inspirations boards.





that's lame, and very stupid but i like it. like... you know, everybody is a part of the whole universe. but also the center of their own little universe. my one is probably the weirdest one you'll ever know. it looks kinda like this letter. and it's located up in the night sky. you know, stars and all that crap i like to talk about.

what is your universe like?





no surprise tumblr
remember the scrapbook post? it's like my online scrapbook, basically.





sketchbooks & scrapbooks
i just love them. like, i'm not really good at this. i just have to practise i guess. but the most amazing thing about this is the looking through your old sketches and scraps collected through the years and it just wonderful. 
i have a good example in my room. remember this wall thing i was talking about in the beginning of this year? now it is full of stories. there is even more on my desk and in pear, my trusty macbook.
i think that i'm going to spend my new years eve on remembering. like a mind scrapbook.



recently i quite suddenly realised something.

as i am 16, my generation suddenly became this generation. i mean, when i was like 10 or 12 i thought that being a 16-17 year old is super mature and you can do so many things, like you don't have to listen to your parents and all that. also, oddly, i thought (and i still do sometimes, why, brain, why?) that between the age of 16 and 17 is like a 5 years long break, that it is like some initiation into the real world. weird, right?

and now i am this age. and all of the people beside me are. i feel a bit confused, to be fair.

my guy friends start to riding cars. and my girl friends start to fall for it.
my guy friends start to look at girls weirdly. and my girl friends start to giggle.
my guy friends start to fall for girls. and my girl friends start to measure guys attractiveness in a scale 1-10.
my guy friends start to have actual real girlfriends. and my girlfriends start to get sad about loneliness and 'whywon'tanybodyloveme?' things...


i mean... maybe i'm a bit childish but i did my homework. i knew that will happen. but... this is weird anyways...

do you agree?



november it is.

how did that happen by the way...
i feel like i should talk to you a little. haven't done that in a long time. just letters... a lot (btw new ones coming soon)
i have a lot of time now. i need to think through and deal with a lot of stuff. so let me just write.

{the most fun part of changing your bed sheets is the jumping with your quilt, surrounded by the smell of laundry day}

one late thing. how was halloween? we don't really celebrate it here but still i was wearing my mad hatter costume all day long. i can post pictures if you want :)

i've been on my tumblr a lot more recently. i like it. thousands of pictures for you to choose from, wonderful images and warming-heart stories. many lovely people, even more amazing blogs. simply spiffing.

today i saw a little winter wonderland. baubles, fake snow, 8 foot tall snow queen, birds with sprinkles in their feathers. even thought i think that november, especially the beginning, is a bit to early to get excited for christmas, i can't help it. it's just so good... and snowy...

my room is currently in the autumn mode. i have little halloween pumpkins as lights. (you remember the broken stars? i'm getting new ones this year!) it looks really cool, but as my room is orange, from the backyard it has to kinda look like the red lights district. yeah... i'm completely crazy...

one more thing. you know about my obsession with jumpers, right? not long time ago i was reorganising my clothes rack a bit (my cousin gave me this shelves thing, so jumpers are there now). i realised that my mania is big, bigger than my wardrobe can handle, i think.

right now i have 26 of them there... and it's almost fully packed. this is like 3/4 of my jumper collection... i may have a problem... yeah... totally crazy, did i mention it?

that is probably it for now. i'll try to get to two posts a week, at least. please be patient.

i'll try to make more of my personal here, if you want to see all the phases, just let me know.

love, (thanks for sticking with me)




i just really like rainbows. the whole light thing just fascinates me. and i'm pro so it's all good :) and my name in queenofrainbow... that kinda matters too, right?

i mean this is pretty obvious. i love to read, this year i'm doing the 50 books challenge. i mostly pick up fiction works but documentaries are really good as well. i can see all these fantastic images and of course inspire from them. not only the words but also the illustrations and the whole design of some books is just so good, i just want to look at it on my shelf. btw i reorganised my bookstand. now i have all of my series together and it all looks really cool. want to see? let me know.

that's it.
i feel lucky today.




take some of this....

get these things:
 to get this :)

i'm so innovative, am i not? 

'i'm too poorly to be entertaining' only cool people understand this...

see you soon,




as you know i quite like to take pictures. that is like the most hipsterish thing ever, but i prefer to take like artistic pictures rather than family events or birthdays. i'm most fascinated by night lights and the christmas decorations in town. on that topic, i can't wait till this christmas because i'm gonna be in london and see all the decorations myself. expect thousands of photos.

i mean all these crazy pictures that seem to move. i absolutely love them. i would love to wear them sometime.

relevant to the psychedelia. pattern design and making is one of the things i'm most interested in the fashion industry, apart from designing clothes, of course. my doodles would make good patterns, wouldn't they? this year i'm making my personal project about patch-working, and i need to design my own patterns so we'll see how that goes :)




besides foxes, deers and forever turtles they are my favourite animals. i doodle a lot of them. last christmas i made a picture of our whole family as owls, it was pretty amazing :). i think i'll do something similar maybe... i pretty much dig most of the thing with them. but mostly jewellery, i've got like hundreds of necklaces and earrings with owls. 
i wear glasses, stay up all night, move quietly, like reading... maybe i was an owl in my previous life? :)
imagine that, i would be the most colourful own in the forrest :P





that's the best part of my life. i'm definitely a night owl, i can stay up for hours, doing something creative. the best ideas ever pop into my head then i'm going to sleep. and even night can be inspiring, think about all the stars you can see in the night sky. sometimes i even wake up at night, especially in winter, just to look as the fresh snow fills the streets and first crazy people get up to work. i even stay up all night if i get into something really hard. it begun 3 years ago, i had problems sleeping and i found out how many amazing things a night brings. 





ok, let's just face something. i'm terrible at sticking to some schedule. not only on the blog... really. so what i'm going to do...

  • try to post at least two posts a week
  • one of them will be an overdue letter
  • not even try, write one post a week!
ok. that's basically it. see you on the next letter (n) 

love you for staying with me,




sidenote: to fully appreciate this letter you have to zoom in.  there are some actual cool things there.

ok, so it doesn't really reflect my clothes, at least i can't see it, but it does effect me. i was raised on these stories about wizards and witches, good and bad. i still want to be a one and even though i'm turning 16 this month i'm still waiting for my hogwards letter. it's just how i roll :)





obviously. the street style in london is just amazing. the biggest factor for my insanity for this place is my insanity for this place. at least that's what i think. if you want the full story there are posts just marked london. one or two and you'll get the idea. i want to live and study there, then work, retire and die. this city fills me with the positive chills of energy and good memories. and the places i have seen there are just the most wonderful. a market full of handmade things, blooming orchids in the middle of february, the view of themes from tate modern. and all those little things like cinnabons or using my cute card case for oyster. all these things are just the best parts of me and i want to keep them close. in 3 years i'll definitely living in london :)





i love knitting. now i'm in the process of making the biggest piece yet. i'm knitting a shawl-scarf. colourful with stripes and pompoms. it's pretty cool. i'm going to show you when it's finished. some more maybe... anyway, it's very relaxing for me. try it. just do. even if you are a guy. in which case welcome :) i hope you like this... (really, why are you here? please tell me :)





it's an absolute must in my daily life, basically, i can't really function with my arms not covered. in total i might have a guilty number of around 15 jumpers. isn't that insane? it is, but i need them. at least some of them are quite interesting, last buy: ducks in flight (weeeirdo alert from a mile). i prefer these extra big, perfectly a man one :) i would love to be able to knit one for example. maybe this winter?





obviously. that's kind of needed for this job. and i'm proud of mine. it's a treasure to have a great one and i think that mine is quite nice :)

as one of my pictures says it's incredibly sexy. and sexy is good :)
that's a kind of shout-out to all of my very intelligent girlfriends, remember this is what the guys dig :P (imeanreallyreally)





or more the lack of them. i'm quite tall (5'9'') and i look a bit unusual as i am, so i don't really wear heels. the best shoes: converse classic ankle reds. but i do like to wear heels. my favourite pair is from topshop. they're wedges and i have never had such comfy shoes.
i pretty much always draw my models in heels, especially if they are wearing a dress. i love the way they look on your foot and the amazing sliming effect they give to your legs. they are wonderful and how boys react to them is just priceless :P





sidenote: i really like this design. probably my favourite letter.

my sister is into graphics, like a lot, she studies them :). and i love it. met them though her and loved it. right now i try to experiment with them. i really want to use it in my personal project. could look interesting. an you can just start it yourself. it's not that hard you know :)

love you,



fantasy & fairy tails
one of the first things i remember about my drawings and childhood in general are fairy tails from my imagination. i used to love princesses (some of them are that bad now, bit of disney is always good), there was even a time that i wanted to be one. i love any old tails and legends really. have you heard of brave? the new disney film? it's quite good actually, scotland, castles, bears and big horses :) i really like the greek myths or any kind of old legend connected to my neighbourhood for example. if you know your roots you can easily broaden your perspectives and maybe discover something new and inspiring about them :)

try it out.





there has been a lot of ends in my life, and i'm only 16. i hate it to it's core. i can't really adapt to totally new situations too quickly, and sometimes i'm expected to. i'm very introverted and not quite sociable (or at least not as some of my friends), i can't really open up and when there is a major change, usually the end of something, i tend to get into my little cave and stay there. i have to work on that cause i have some big problems from that. 

anyway. what i wanted to tell you:
end can be a start of something else.
get some thought from that. 
can't do that for you.
i'm only 16.




another obvious if you're here long enough, or you read some of the older posts. i love to draw and i doodle all the time. at math class - constantly. maybe that's why i get such bad grades...? anyway, some interesting examples. last year i managed to plant a whole page of field poppies and the periodic table (like each atom) on chemistry... yeah, i love it. it helps me concentrate and it can be a major inspiration for some cool things. for example the doodles that i drawn on the covers of my notebooks are going to be turned into fabrics for my personal project this year. isn't this great? you can see them here: doodles, doodles... and more doodles.

my advice for today: just get a pen and a little paper and draw carelessly. it's a lot of fun and it helps to develop your brain, especially imagination! just go, go, draw!

see ya,

love you,




sidenote: i'm terrible at this. ten letters behind. need to catch up.

well, you know me long enough to be sure that this was pretty obvious. i love almost every colour. not every combination though. you may remember the post about me getting angry about possibly the ' 'granniest' (can you say that??) combination ever. as a matter of fact it is quite trendy this a/w season, i've warmed up a bit to it. but it has to be on good clothes. also the combination of blue and a lot of brown and green doesn't look good for me. which is quite weird considering the fact that i'm a ravenclaw. for all of you that don't know (how? how?) brown and blue are the colours of this house. anything else? well the colours are quite difficult to style for some people (i know too many walking examples who should educate themselves on this topic) but i grew up colourful so now it's pretty natural for me. 
basically, i would be nothing without a splash of colour :)

see you soon,




this one is three-in-one. i couldn't decide on one. 

birds, brights, beauty.

have you ever seen a bird really up close? like really really? have you seen the way the feathers grow and how he cleans them? or the colours of their eyes? for me any bird is the finest creature ever, if i could be an animal i would be a bird, an owl probably. the way they move in the air is just fantastic. even their skeletons are inspiring! 
but i can't stand birds in cages. or stuffed...

as you probably noticed in my ootds that i love bright colours. they make others happy when they look at me and i guess i could say that colour blocking is my favourite trend of all time. i'm trying to incorporate that in to my everyday wear and it seams to be working fine :)

for me designing haute couture fashion is all about being spectacular and beautiful. even though i don't have the looks of a supermodel i love seeing and experiencing beauty all around me. all the little crafts that i do, my mini drawings, pretty colours in my life make my everyday so much more liveable :)

the most beautiful things in life give you the best memories.
and they inspire me.

hope you enjoyed,





alexander mcqueen

anybody who knows me is aware of the fact that i'm like the biggest fan of his works ever.
i watched and still enjoy all of his shows (they are indeed spectacular). the way he used to make all of the outfits outstanding and fantastic... just a pure inspiration.

the reason i particularly love him is that i've got a big sentiment. as far back as i can remember i always admired him. i guess you could say that he inspired me to start this whole thing...
and i'm so grateful for it.

see you tomorrow,

love you,



arboretum picantum

this weekend was international blogger day :) nice one
in case you don't know i'm back at home and i just started school. lovely...

well, this obviously means that it's september (btw probably my favourite month).
and i promised something exciting for this.
i'm gonna pretty much do the beds. well not beds, 'beds'
it's a short for blog everyday in september.
but i'm going to bore you to death with my full of action and drama life in school, oh no.

mine is going to be bit more original.

since this year i'm starting to get my head in to my fashion i want to learn something everyday.
and what's the first thing you learn? the alphabet. see where i'm going with that?

i'm going to present you, day by day, my own fashion alphabet.
isn't that cool?

everyday a different letter and something that is connected to me and the things i do.

the only thing i want to to do is to comment with your special word beginning with this letter. it could be a favourite, meaningful or just funny to say :)

that's about it and let's get started!

love you,



treat tonight

good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

let's get cracking, shall we?
sock choice:
we went to the v&a, finally!
i was so excited about it not only because it is like my favourite museum of all time int he whole wide world, but there is a new thing there!
the thing is the new fashion collection :) the collection and the way it is all done is just brilliant so if you have a chance please go there and see it yourself.

the other thing... there is an extra exhibition celebrating the re-opening of the gallery. and it is the most fantastic thing ever. ballgowns. british creations for special occasions. mcqueen, mccartney, westwood just to name few. there is even a dress designed especially for this exhibition. absolutely magical!

that was yesterday. this post was about to go online when i found out that i lost my ipod. than i remembered that it was in the v&a. so again though the tube and back in the museum hall.
fortunately, the ipod was returned by some very nice human being (and if by any chance you are reading this, i'm forever grateful). when i was coming back through the main door, i saw this:
pretty cool, huh?

today was covent garden and notting hill. socks:
for now, about this, i have just one thing. just go there! now, pick up your shoes and go go go!
sidenote: maggie, we are going there, you have no choice.

more on that later.

good night, ladies and gentleman. hope you enjoyed the show and have a safe journey home.

love you,