there are some great news today. i had maximum points on my english exam, i have really good grades for the semester and also i just figured out how to understand the electricity! well a bit but still :)

i'm sorry that i'm not posting every day but you know it's christmas coming and the semester at my school ends this week. every teacher just remembered that they don't have some grades in couple of criterions. and what now? of course! let's give them extra homework and a test this week! they are not helping n the house anyway... yeah... not exactly like that but who cares about the students in a school that has been made for them?

anyway. back to the point. i haven't posted any picture in a long time, but believe me please. i am drawing those every day, at school. and my wall of stuff is full of ideas.

actually this whole drawing project has made a lot of good stuff. i've finally started to clean up my very messy room, and using it. now i'm on the point that you still have a lot of cleaning (i'm 50% done by now) and you start to design your room.

i've been living in this flat for almost 3 years and i still don't really have my own room, like it's my room but not 'mine'.
now i'm thinking for things which would change that.
i'm putting my favourite posters on the walls (marilyn monroe, audrey hepburn, london taxi and my absolute favourite - a lady in a big, red hat [maggie and mint taste got it for me for my 14 birthday... now i'm 15 and it's not hanging... i feel bad...])
i also have my wall of stuff which is getting kind of big. some little lights on the balcony and near the bed.  i got a lot of stuff for organising my desk and the bookcase. then a little carpet and finally the wardrobe :)

wow... that was long...

tomorrow i'm finishing my classes quite early so a pic update :)

i'm really sorry once again,

love you,


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