what the hell happened?

i believe apologies are needed over here. i'm really sorry.
but this is my post partly celebrating that i just wrote my maths exam and it wasn't so difficult i think :).
that means it's thursday.
and that means that tomorrow i have my english exam and that's it! i'm free from 10.30! how wonderful is that?

eventually that means that tomorrow i'm going to go to starbucks, have hot chocolate and write a lot brilliant post. yup. this time i am gonna make it, promise!

as you can read from my blog i'm bad at keeping promises like that. but at some point i'll get there hopefully.

tomorrow i'll put some real fashion stuff here.
and a victoria's secret fashion show review is coming by the end of this week so i start to make this blog really about fashion not my weird things in head.

but just today i want to share with you this:
how awesome is that? this girl is amazing

and that's about it

love you,


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