today is the day...

...on which i finally started my wall. jup. i figured out that i'll also print that i really like on the internet such as this pic:
isn't it just amazing? i have it on my lock screen.
and actually this is my first picture ever that i wanted to put on my wall but i won't end up there cause i had to give it to my arts teacher... sucks...
quality once again fails, it's an ipod. yeah... but i drew another owl so it will be on my wall. also today i made this one:
[this time it's my webcam...]
i didn't really want to edit it all but it should say arts et m├ętiers which means arts and crafts in french.
i have that thing on my pencil case but this one is more 'starish' :)

... on which i should go to my english lessons but i don't. and do nothing.
that's it... besides 'i hate mondays!'

and there is one more thing, i really have to change that picture with sleeping position:
picture tomorrow.

that's it for now it think...

love you,


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