shadow on a space bar

today i fell in love with men clothes. basically in those extra large hoodies. i wish that my boyfriend gave me one of his but i don't have a boyfriend so i have to deal with that myself.
so today after the exam i had a plan to go shopping with my 'sister' but it didn't work so i just went by myself.
lovely h&m saved me once again. i've got two hoodies, one white with fur inside (it's so warm and fluffy, love it!) and one that looks like a tv buzz, or something like that.
the white one:
and i can't find the other one so maybe next week i'm gonna post a ootd with it. and i got woollen tv buzz socks and a strange hair band thingy with some feathers. wintery look. oh! i forgot. and polka dots black leggings! yey!

and i also did something creative today. i reorganised my cover and got new sticker. actually it's not a sticker, just a pice of paper sticked to my space bar but how cares. it looks really cool for me, don't you think?
i know the photo is crap but my nikon... let's say, it's not entirely right at the moment. long story. i just have to give it to somebody, then it'll be alright again, hopefully...

and i draw some owls for christmas.
on my hand.
so i kind of washed them out.
but soon i'll make some christmas cards for my family and friends.
the main theme: owls, obviously.

although it's christmas coming... i can't really feel it now. i'm just stuck in november still, i guess. that's not right but i can't really do anything about it.

oh! i forgot one more thing. for santa claus day i got an amazing album with pictures of some of the most famous models of all time. the photos are just wonderful and really original. 

anything more? oh. 
my post series.
do you really mind if i'm going to start that tomorrow. now i don't really want to, or have the energy to do that.

the main thing of this is that everyday till my winter holidays (14.01.12) i'm gonna post one of my handmade pictures, either of something that i really like or one of my designs, a photo or anything like that. and all of those things are going to be on my wall near my desk. to keep me inspirited and all that stuff.
the wall of stuff project. 

and there is a wonderful thing about that. if you want to have your pice in my wall of stuff just send me an email with that :) for sure i'm gonna put all of those mails on my wall. 

14.01.12 is the ending day, a post about the project and photos of the wall.
do you like it? what do you think about that whole post (which is kind of long, btw if you didn't notice that yourself :)? 

hope you'll enjoy my project and the blog (?)

love you all, thank you for patience,


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