seriously... let's talk about something important

chocolate! especially hot chocolate :) in queen of rainbow style

how? pretty simple. you'll just need that,
that: (that's milk, just sayin') 
and probably that:
as for cups, i prefer a big one:
start with heating the milk, it should be hot but not boiling. in the mean time prepare the chocolate thingy.
just take 3 heaped teaspoons of the powder:
when the milk is ready just pour the milk in the cup. and stir. 
it should look like that:
and just add some marshmallows :)
and something snowy which tastes great with hot chocolate:
snowflakes :)
isn't this just absolutely cute?

and that's about it. enjoy queen of rainbow's real chocolate :)

i know. firstly it has absolutely nothing to do with fashion but it's my 100 post and i just want to celebrate a bit :)
secondly i have no idea what to write about. maybe i should really sit on the victoria's secret fashion show review? how about that?

tomorrow i'll show you something really colorful. and probably start my mysterious december post series :) i hope you are going to like it

and that's it. let's make a cup of hot chocolate and celebrate my 100 post! 

love you all,


p.s. how cute is that?
it's a hand warmer :)

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  1. I saw today this hand warmer and I want to buy it for you but then I thought that you probably already have one.


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