hello, december

i should write something interesting... or funny... entertaining at least.
but i don't know neither what nor how.
so let's stay on regular. ok? maybe another time. yup.

nothing new around me, only i really have to get some medical thingies. that's all because, obviously, i'm a stupid person. and i don't really use my brain cells in as important things as health and life. dumb.

it's not actually connected with fashion but it's important for me and those who care for me, so that's it.

1. dec.
hope, it's gonna be better than the first day cause today was really bad. really bad. some of my worst days. 
but that's not really important, it's gone. i think. i don't want it to happen ever again. no recalling! 

yes, that would be it, actually.
and i add one thing to my december list. forever list.
never, ever leave the key in the door while you're home alone. never! trust me!

btw you know any really really good alarm clocks? like loud, flashing, annoying in general?

love you,


p.s. i just love or hate my randomness. i'm not sure now.


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