i was really preparing for this post. but... i thought that i prefer to write just like pfff... you know :)
so... even though i don't really feel christmasy i did celebrate. and i got some presents, yey!

and in advance i apologise for no actual pictures if them cause, well my camera is working again (nothing really bad happened to her) but the lens is broken, i have to buy a new one and it'll be in january... sad but i'm happy that i don't have to buy a new camera...

back to christmas. so... i got:
tripod (it'll be really handy in london, i'm going this winter holidays :)
earrings with pink feathers
new vogue
a book of patterns
tea maniac set (a very cute cup with knitted sleeve? protector? i don't know how to call it but it's adorable, and a teapot with a hat with an owl on it <3)
some films
and an oversized jumper (i'm planning to make a reindeer jumper next year so this will be my template)

i'm tired... and sleepy... bye...

love you,


p.s. what did you get? and how did you celebrate?

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