chicken money-box is drowning

lets get down to business straight away.
next picture on my wall is:
this is just a sketch of my friend. he's got a hay fever and he's drowning in tissues. emotional state: kind of... couldwejustnottalkaboutitnowornever?
fun fact of the day: he's one of the rubik's cube guys

later this month there will be a proper drawing of him, this is just a sketch. 

anything new?
well, i organised my desk a bit:
nothing better than mugs for pencils. from one to four. and yes, that is a chicken money-box. 
and a actual piggy :) there i keep my london money if you're curious. 

i know that there is not much about fashion here but all i can say for now is that i wear extremely large hoodies and my lovely green jeans.
last days of my converse. they are breaking...

i'm gonna end up in nuthouse, age 17.

love you all,


p.s. thank you for over 2,000 views. i'm really happy that you enjoy that bit of my world :)


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