sleep position

which do you like the best? i really do like sleeping like that :)
tomorrow, or today (it depends on the day on which you're reading this post) december starts. every year, december is kind of special. on the first day i make some resolutions. yeah, i know it's more like new year's thing but i prefer december. this year most of them are connected to my 'education' and fashion stuff. although one or two are about relationships, i won't really post them here, till they are fulfilled :]
as to my 'education': learn more, be enthusiastic and don't give up!
fashion? actually, it's more like more fashion!  i'll do more sketches and searching for inspiration. i hope that by the end of december of in the middle of january, i'm going to have a collection sketches and start working on the actual clothes. that should be fun! 
according to manage to do all of that i have to plan really well. and, honestly, i have some problems with that. do you have any good way of planning? i though of like little gifts for every small achievement... but that's kind of expensive :/
and there is something more connected to fashion, actually. this year my whole family will receive handmade presents from me. and that's going to take a lot of time, but that's my next resolution.
probably all of those presents are going to be somehow connected with fashion so expect some interesting photos :)

as to fashion... today the package with speck cover was waiting for me :)
 i changed a bit the original thing but not much. and i thought that it's gonna change every month or something like that :)
work going on:
that would be it for now. thanks for reading that, keep your fingers crossed for me and my resolutions :)

love you,


p.s. tomorrow i'm starting my december posts series. hope you'll enjoy it :)


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