look what i've done today [unfortunately instead of homework but i'm tired]! owl cupcakes! aren't they so cute and adorable?
i don't really know what to write about... maybe something more creative?
my creativity.
i just think that school kills creativity in kids but i try to hide a bit of it deep in side me.
and there it is:
this is a prototype of my own macbook case. you know, a seethru speck cover and under it this collage. 
i just think that's pretty inspiring. i have there coco chanel [and btw their new photo shoot, those ,,your pics here in 4 min'' absolutely love that :)], emma watson [i'm a big fan of her, really], vogue cover, london fashion and some really colourful stuff which i found kind of interesting. 

i'm gonna write some more really soon, promise.

hope you like it,

love you,


p.s. what do you think of reviewing victoria's secret fashion show this year? i quite like those :)
really colourful, funky and beautiful. nice atmosphere as well, and it sort of looks like it's a whole big performance. the singers, the top models... review? i think is actually tomorrow :)
like it? hate it?
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