my small obsessions

ok, those who know me in person won't be surprised. but for the rest of you:
i'm obsessed with owl jewelry, specially earrings and necklaces.
maybe some day i'll post my whole collection here? it's quite impressive.

but back to post. those are from h&m. i quite like this shop, recently it has some interesting collections, pretty colorful ones :). i hope i'm gonna be able to post a ootd with a very colorful blouse from yesterday soon. 
next thing that i really like about h&m is that they have amazing socks patters each season. those are a/w. cute, aren't they? i bought them not only that they are cute and were the last pair (and in my size! yey!). i bought them because of my another mania. it's strange socks! i have ones with cherries, bananas, with all kinds of zigzags and dots. with tweety, winnie the pooh and bugs bunny. i can write that all post long but that's not the point :) lots of them, believe me.
so now i have my h&m fall and winter socks, lovely! :)

and finally, after the whole post full of tension...
my another, quite original i think, necklace. as well from h&m but on sales. as to the photo, i just wanted to play a bit with picasa and i was bored to death by maths :)

and after all that i think that i just planned at least 3 more posts, impressive, huh? :)

hope you enjoyed that, should i do more of this kind of posts?

h&m shopping is really good actually :)

love you all,


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