i need to...

as quickly as possible, my life depends on it, i think...

today (official all-day-in-pyjamas day!) i was really bored, and i did pretty much... sweet nothing :)

and i think that i absolutely fell in love (once again) with the film mr. magorium's wonder emporium.
'as my friend, help me. please.'
the moment i always have tears in my eyes.
and i love the magic in it.
colors, music, philosophy...
simply magical :)

lately, i don't have any will or inspiration to do anything with fashion.

but yesterday i was on my voluntary and now i have to.
my job is to make a presentation about csm course and fashion as a passion and present it to seniors at my voluntary.
sound's fun, huh? and i do that for community and service in my school, pretty cool. finally i can do what i want to do, and of course gain some extra points for that :)

i really want december to come quickly.
or snow. i love snow, and my favorite thing about winter is walking at 6 am on fresh, untouched snow, just after the night. absolutely love it <3

that's about it :)

love you all,


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