i do hate mondays

just a quick one. next week there is going to be a big surprise for you, i just can't wait! :)
but don't even open your mouths to ask, i won't tell you a thing.

today was really busy and i really need to say that i hate some of the things that whose ,,rubik's cube boys'' do or, if you want to be more specified, didn't do. i'm really mad at them.

i was actually, now i'm just really sad and tired of doing this project by myself. yes, that's what you expected and you finally got it. congrats from me, really successful project, don't you think?

i'm working on a really cool post about my winter must-have's and my christmas wish list, it's gonna be wonderful! and really long :)

conclusion: two big coffees a day is not a good idea :) but they were delicious indeed, thanks starbucks team for switching mint taste's sirups. mint late with honey is truly wonderful :)

that's enough for now, more tomorrow
got to sleep,

love you all,


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  1. i hate monday too TT___TT

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