galaxy cotton candy

today was the day that i started to love cotton candy. more specially, blue cotton candy that looks like stars.
yeah, i know. stupid associations but i don't really care about it. so lets truly begin.
my promised outfit of the day [it's kind of night on that photos but it doesn't really matter i guess]:
owl hat [yes that's an owl] - river island
scarf - river island
trousers - cubus, i think
boots - i have no idea, i have them for so long that i can't remember the exact name
bag - beyond retro
glasses - ray ban
owl earrings - bijou brigitte

you probably noticed that i forgot the coat. it's not actually a coat, just really big, oversized for me, man's jacket. i'm really proud of it. my best bought this winter i think. it's made of pure wool, hand woven and partly sewed. you can imagine how warm is that. really warm.
any way, it cost me quite a lot but i think it was worth it. and i think that it looks cool with everything :) [modesty, my ultimate tool :)]

this whole - galaxy-cotton candy thing reminded me of a post that i started writing but never finished. it was kind of connected to that theme. maybe i should post it? what do you think?
and how do you find my outfit of the night? :)

hope you like it,

love you,


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