fashion world is slowly dying...

everybody was expecting this... fashion world was excited once again, like for [umm... how many years?... never mind]... at this time of year. a new h&m collaboration was coming out. november. 17th exactly.
this year: versace
a house with long tradition. since... here i should give you a brief history of their fashion but i thought it's a bit boring so let's skip that.

as to h&m, you all know that i really love them. the fabrics aren't really luxurious, in general: cotton. i like cotton, universal thing, don't you think?
but i love h&m not for cotton but mostly for the patterns: owls, reindeers, foxes... and all the peace etc. accessorises are so cute! like those earrings... you can read more here

anyway, where was i?

oh yes, versace for h&m

for me: disaster.
donatella said that they picked the most recognisable bits from the whole history of the brand. oh, come on! it's not in fashion anymore! [that was a thought from mint taste but it's so true that i thought that i can put it here :)]

and as to clothes themselves...
come on, let's face it. they are disgusting. and they look really trashy. i saw some of them myself and really - who, on earth, would wear that? in general i don't like versace clothing but now it was just horrible.
anyway, have you seen those clothes?
repeating the question: who, on earth, would wear that??
anyway...[is it only me, or i'm writing that like a millionth time?]
i thought that as i'm going to review some collection i should have my own scale. like: hatemeter? rainbowmeter? sthmeter at least. [btw any ideas for the name? write them in the comments :)]
so on this scale, from 1-5 i give this collection about 1,5-2 points because... well, you know why.

my conclusion is that fashion world is truly dying now. 
hope i'm gonna save it :) just kidding but somebody has to do something about it...

love you,


p.s. i hope you enjoy reading it. if you want me to review any collection just comment :)


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