bit random comeback

i haven't been here for a while. and i feel bad about it. really.
now i'm ill so i have time to catch up with all the 'internet stuff'.
last week update:
nothing. literally nothing. i only did some pretty stupid biology things which i can't even send to a contest cause i lost my diploma from last year. yea, really funny. no.
note to everybody that doesn't know me in person, every year when it gets cold i change slippers.
my regular crocs (i know, a person like me, you know 'interested in fashion and etc.', hate them but i only wear them at the swimming pool, at home and on the beach, which is not really often, so i guess that's ok)  to my lovely, warm felt socks-like things. i don't really know how to call them, any ideas? i'll show you a picture:
the point is that they got messy and the sole kind of fell of and they stretched a bit. but i still love them. they are orange and have pompons, what more can i ask for?
and i want to share with you my recent creature:
yey! 3d! just put these on:
and experience magic... hahaha! kidding but it's kind of funny :)
ok. that's kind of it. but let me make one thing:
it's enough of stupid flowers and all that stuff
i'm gonna make that blog about fashion and my things
not flowers!
expect some changes like my slippers :D
i bought some awesome clothes recently so outfit of the day post is coming 

that's it for now.

love you,


ps. check my first guest post on cover to cover:

and this guy:
i just think he's hilarious, especially the 'evolution of music' series. 

love you all,

ps.vol.2  i'm no longer on twitter, tumblr or any stuff like that. it's not for me i guess.

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