a bit of reflection about my life

i know that i'm running this blog fro fashion but i just have to write it:

i feel different. i hate to be a teenager, just 15 or already 15. absolutely hate that.
and i think that my friends think exactly the same.

first loves
first friendships
first real and unreal problems

it's time to face a real world. and that hurts. a lot i would even say.

and the worst thing are feelings to the other person.

as a girl which gets on well with guys, i do have problems with this.
as my friend, blueberry, said ,, there are 3 kinds of guys. friends, buddies and boyfriends.'' everything fine till the moment when you get to best friends, pals and all of those stuff. horrible for me.

for some people i have really mixed feelings. really. and now it gets really confusing. 

so the reason i'm writing it is that i'm so confused that i can't even find words to describe those guys.

but i'm really lucky that i have mint taste and maggie. i love them so much, i hope they are gonna read that.

i love you, i couldn't live without you! :)
that's kind of interesting. what does love mean? any ideas? comment below please.

ok. now i'm really tired. 

love you all,


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