look what i've done today [unfortunately instead of homework but i'm tired]! owl cupcakes! aren't they so cute and adorable?
i don't really know what to write about... maybe something more creative?
my creativity.
i just think that school kills creativity in kids but i try to hide a bit of it deep in side me.
and there it is:
this is a prototype of my own macbook case. you know, a seethru speck cover and under it this collage. 
i just think that's pretty inspiring. i have there coco chanel [and btw their new photo shoot, those ,,your pics here in 4 min'' absolutely love that :)], emma watson [i'm a big fan of her, really], vogue cover, london fashion and some really colourful stuff which i found kind of interesting. 

i'm gonna write some more really soon, promise.

hope you like it,

love you,


p.s. what do you think of reviewing victoria's secret fashion show this year? i quite like those :)
really colourful, funky and beautiful. nice atmosphere as well, and it sort of looks like it's a whole big performance. the singers, the top models... review? i think is actually tomorrow :)
like it? hate it?
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galaxy cotton candy

today was the day that i started to love cotton candy. more specially, blue cotton candy that looks like stars.
yeah, i know. stupid associations but i don't really care about it. so lets truly begin.
my promised outfit of the day [it's kind of night on that photos but it doesn't really matter i guess]:
owl hat [yes that's an owl] - river island
scarf - river island
trousers - cubus, i think
boots - i have no idea, i have them for so long that i can't remember the exact name
bag - beyond retro
glasses - ray ban
owl earrings - bijou brigitte

you probably noticed that i forgot the coat. it's not actually a coat, just really big, oversized for me, man's jacket. i'm really proud of it. my best bought this winter i think. it's made of pure wool, hand woven and partly sewed. you can imagine how warm is that. really warm.
any way, it cost me quite a lot but i think it was worth it. and i think that it looks cool with everything :) [modesty, my ultimate tool :)]

this whole - galaxy-cotton candy thing reminded me of a post that i started writing but never finished. it was kind of connected to that theme. maybe i should post it? what do you think?
and how do you find my outfit of the night? :)

hope you like it,

love you,


fashion world is slowly dying...

everybody was expecting this... fashion world was excited once again, like for [umm... how many years?... never mind]... at this time of year. a new h&m collaboration was coming out. november. 17th exactly.
this year: versace
a house with long tradition. since... here i should give you a brief history of their fashion but i thought it's a bit boring so let's skip that.

as to h&m, you all know that i really love them. the fabrics aren't really luxurious, in general: cotton. i like cotton, universal thing, don't you think?
but i love h&m not for cotton but mostly for the patterns: owls, reindeers, foxes... and all the peace etc. accessorises are so cute! like those earrings... you can read more here

anyway, where was i?

oh yes, versace for h&m

for me: disaster.
donatella said that they picked the most recognisable bits from the whole history of the brand. oh, come on! it's not in fashion anymore! [that was a thought from mint taste but it's so true that i thought that i can put it here :)]

and as to clothes themselves...
come on, let's face it. they are disgusting. and they look really trashy. i saw some of them myself and really - who, on earth, would wear that? in general i don't like versace clothing but now it was just horrible.
anyway, have you seen those clothes?
repeating the question: who, on earth, would wear that??
anyway...[is it only me, or i'm writing that like a millionth time?]
i thought that as i'm going to review some collection i should have my own scale. like: hatemeter? rainbowmeter? sthmeter at least. [btw any ideas for the name? write them in the comments :)]
so on this scale, from 1-5 i give this collection about 1,5-2 points because... well, you know why.

my conclusion is that fashion world is truly dying now. 
hope i'm gonna save it :) just kidding but somebody has to do something about it...

love you,


p.s. i hope you enjoy reading it. if you want me to review any collection just comment :)



little france

today is kind of a french day. actually i started it with english competition, really bad one. but then i had a really long sleep and some macarons from a french cafe. looking like this:
they were absolutely delicious :)
and i also had hot chocolate as always. from marshmallows i made those:
looks cool, doesn't it?
and it's pretty inspiring. 
maybe you are wondering if i'm ok. well, i'm still ill but it's better. tomorrow i'm preparing a post about versace for h&m collection. just a sneak peek, it's awful in my opinion. and what do you think? waiting for some interesting comments :)
this weekend outfit of the day. and i've got an interesting idea for december, like a series of posts. and some stupid questions :)

hope you're ok, love you,



bit random comeback

i haven't been here for a while. and i feel bad about it. really.
now i'm ill so i have time to catch up with all the 'internet stuff'.
last week update:
nothing. literally nothing. i only did some pretty stupid biology things which i can't even send to a contest cause i lost my diploma from last year. yea, really funny. no.
note to everybody that doesn't know me in person, every year when it gets cold i change slippers.
my regular crocs (i know, a person like me, you know 'interested in fashion and etc.', hate them but i only wear them at the swimming pool, at home and on the beach, which is not really often, so i guess that's ok)  to my lovely, warm felt socks-like things. i don't really know how to call them, any ideas? i'll show you a picture:
the point is that they got messy and the sole kind of fell of and they stretched a bit. but i still love them. they are orange and have pompons, what more can i ask for?
and i want to share with you my recent creature:
yey! 3d! just put these on:
and experience magic... hahaha! kidding but it's kind of funny :)
ok. that's kind of it. but let me make one thing:
it's enough of stupid flowers and all that stuff
i'm gonna make that blog about fashion and my things
not flowers!
expect some changes like my slippers :D
i bought some awesome clothes recently so outfit of the day post is coming 

that's it for now.

love you,


ps. check my first guest post on cover to cover:

and this guy:
i just think he's hilarious, especially the 'evolution of music' series. 

love you all,

ps.vol.2  i'm no longer on twitter, tumblr or any stuff like that. it's not for me i guess.


i feel gray

it was taken in my favorites kew gardens during my winter holidays last year. this year i hope i'm going to london too (because my knee hurts, something something, i can't ski or snowboard :( so i can't go to the mountains). 

i'll definitely visit kew gardens and bring some new photos :)


it describes perfectly what i feel now:
washed out
not colored enough

,,i think i need snow, this magical fluffy thing which makes the whole world silent and pleasant''

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love you,



off the shore

you probably won't belive it but it's a photo from my exchange. 
it wasn't really good but some of the pictures are great :) 

this is a sailboat in hamburg. i thought that the light is amazing. it was just after a heavy rain. there was a double rainbow and those wonderful clouds. and as to lightening, it's original, photo is sooc :)

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love you all,



you probably noticed that today it's 11.11.11. i believe in wishes so at 11.11 i'm gonna make one.

i was thinking about that before. generally people ask for money, happiness, good marriage, relationship.
i want that too. i'm a human, strange one but still human.

but last year i did wish for that. and it didn't work out well.
or it was in a disguise.


as i'm thinking of that now, i did work. not just the way i wanted but still it did.
so this year i'm wishing for pretty much the same things like:
and health

trite but true

love you all,


p.s. happy 11.11.11 11.11 :)


a bit of reflection about my life

i know that i'm running this blog fro fashion but i just have to write it:

i feel different. i hate to be a teenager, just 15 or already 15. absolutely hate that.
and i think that my friends think exactly the same.

first loves
first friendships
first real and unreal problems

it's time to face a real world. and that hurts. a lot i would even say.

and the worst thing are feelings to the other person.

as a girl which gets on well with guys, i do have problems with this.
as my friend, blueberry, said ,, there are 3 kinds of guys. friends, buddies and boyfriends.'' everything fine till the moment when you get to best friends, pals and all of those stuff. horrible for me.

for some people i have really mixed feelings. really. and now it gets really confusing. 

so the reason i'm writing it is that i'm so confused that i can't even find words to describe those guys.

but i'm really lucky that i have mint taste and maggie. i love them so much, i hope they are gonna read that.

i love you, i couldn't live without you! :)
that's kind of interesting. what does love mean? any ideas? comment below please.

ok. now i'm really tired. 

love you all,



keep calm and carry on

this week i love this amazing site: keep calm gallery

look what they've got:
i absolutely love those kind of pictures. this series is one of my favorite. and there are lots of variations about it, those are my absolute favorites:
hope you'll love that too :)

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love you,



too long break

maggie, i know that you are going to kill me for that photo but i just love it so much :)
it's sooc, i took it during out german exchange in october. it was a long ride so we took a lot fun photos. do you remember the post about ,,rubik's cube boys'' :)? that's from the same trip.
i just like this photo that much, even though it's not sharp or lightened enough. it's all because of maggie and my memories from that bus :)

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love you,


i do hate mondays

just a quick one. next week there is going to be a big surprise for you, i just can't wait! :)
but don't even open your mouths to ask, i won't tell you a thing.

today was really busy and i really need to say that i hate some of the things that whose ,,rubik's cube boys'' do or, if you want to be more specified, didn't do. i'm really mad at them.

i was actually, now i'm just really sad and tired of doing this project by myself. yes, that's what you expected and you finally got it. congrats from me, really successful project, don't you think?

i'm working on a really cool post about my winter must-have's and my christmas wish list, it's gonna be wonderful! and really long :)

conclusion: two big coffees a day is not a good idea :) but they were delicious indeed, thanks starbucks team for switching mint taste's sirups. mint late with honey is truly wonderful :)

that's enough for now, more tomorrow
got to sleep,

love you all,



i need to...

as quickly as possible, my life depends on it, i think...

today (official all-day-in-pyjamas day!) i was really bored, and i did pretty much... sweet nothing :)

and i think that i absolutely fell in love (once again) with the film mr. magorium's wonder emporium.
'as my friend, help me. please.'
the moment i always have tears in my eyes.
and i love the magic in it.
colors, music, philosophy...
simply magical :)

lately, i don't have any will or inspiration to do anything with fashion.

but yesterday i was on my voluntary and now i have to.
my job is to make a presentation about csm course and fashion as a passion and present it to seniors at my voluntary.
sound's fun, huh? and i do that for community and service in my school, pretty cool. finally i can do what i want to do, and of course gain some extra points for that :)

i really want december to come quickly.
or snow. i love snow, and my favorite thing about winter is walking at 6 am on fresh, untouched snow, just after the night. absolutely love it <3

that's about it :)

love you all,


and one more time

orchids at kew gardens
i need to take some new pictures. session in progress :)
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city by night

what a 
and really idiotic title...

today i don't have any 
                             and creativity...


don't even ask

love you all,


but actually this post is quite strange. 
         creative :D

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ginger and curly hair

i really do love ginger hair. and if they are curly it's even better.
actually i love them that much that they are my dream hair.

and there is a good news, my hair are currently like that :)
well not that curly (the curls did uncurl) but ginger at least!

so this is what i love that wednesday :)
it looks kind of magical, doesn't it?

p.s. i got to the second part of a really big and important contest! yey, who's the boss? :)

love you all so much,



my small obsessions

ok, those who know me in person won't be surprised. but for the rest of you:
i'm obsessed with owl jewelry, specially earrings and necklaces.
maybe some day i'll post my whole collection here? it's quite impressive.

but back to post. those are from h&m. i quite like this shop, recently it has some interesting collections, pretty colorful ones :). i hope i'm gonna be able to post a ootd with a very colorful blouse from yesterday soon. 
next thing that i really like about h&m is that they have amazing socks patters each season. those are a/w. cute, aren't they? i bought them not only that they are cute and were the last pair (and in my size! yey!). i bought them because of my another mania. it's strange socks! i have ones with cherries, bananas, with all kinds of zigzags and dots. with tweety, winnie the pooh and bugs bunny. i can write that all post long but that's not the point :) lots of them, believe me.
so now i have my h&m fall and winter socks, lovely! :)

and finally, after the whole post full of tension...
my another, quite original i think, necklace. as well from h&m but on sales. as to the photo, i just wanted to play a bit with picasa and i was bored to death by maths :)

and after all that i think that i just planned at least 3 more posts, impressive, huh? :)

hope you enjoyed that, should i do more of this kind of posts?

h&m shopping is really good actually :)

love you all,


kind of happy halloween

trick or treat thing is not for me i guess... or you mean only trick, almost every time i do something.
sad end of the day, in a moment i did understand some of the key things in life really. important, hope i'll never forget that. 

back to fashion. today i've been to shopping with my mum and bought some really nice stuff. and lots of chocolate :) tomorrow baking day i guess :P

i've got some amazing colorful stuff, and an absolutely cute necklace and earrings. can't wait to show them to you :)

today on creative exchange i want to share a thing that keeps me going through life and gives me energy to still play with this blog :)

i present large hazelnut signature hot chocolate from starbucks:
love it with all of my heart, and need it often :)

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