wow... i'm quite proud of myself actually...

today i thought what i really have to have my own blog button. any ideas for the picture? anyone?

and i also have to answer those questions:

~who are you?
~what's your blog about - why did you start - what are your plans for it...
~tell me about the yummiest food experience, or eye-opening life experience...your own a-ha! moment...
~what one thing in your life keeps you sane and happy?

any ideas? a specially for the first and last one? no ____ idea

and i have really loads of homework to do. i need to read a stupid lecture that i haven't even started... great sunday coming :/

my friends told me that i should do something more with writing, eventually i'm getting better... that's nice :)
and today i did understand some strange stuff about the world that i live in. well, not really understand but notice.
it wasn't a pleasant experience really, coldness all around you when you think of it. 
mint taste. one thing: thank you, i missed that so much :*
i don't have time for fashion. i know it's not good and all that stuff. but i just can't find myself. anywhere. pretty sad when you see it on the screen in front of you, sitting on a bed in a too big hoodie.
i'm dancing a lot. maybe do a sketch or two about that, without this whole sketchbook-inspiration thing. more natural. 
currently i'm working on some more make-up art. should i show you that? i'm really original in that too :)

who am i? fashion please save me...

till tomorrow.


i am that

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