rubik's cube

i know. it is an awful photo. too dark etc. but it is sooc and i really like it.
maybe i should tell you what is in here. actually those are my two friends from class, they are absolutely crazy about rubik's cube. maybe some time i'll post a film about it cause they are amazingly fast, it looks really cool :)
i took that photo in a bus in germany on exchange. one of few great moments there :)

i don't really know why i choose that picture, i just really like it, i suppose.

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  1. It's a wonderful memory for you, and I think that's why you chose it!! It is also a very interesting photograph. It has a wonderful sense of mystery to it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great evening!


  2. I love the mysteriousness of the photo! The lighting is very nice.

  3. Maybe dark but I like it...shows great movement.

  4. I like it too! I have to repeat others and say I like the mystery it evokes.
    I never could do Rubik's Cube.


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