i hate mondays...

not exactly true. this one was ok, really.

nice morning but i have to change my group in language school.
really. hate. the. teacher.

new school bag, pink :) only one problem: weight, really heavy

and my own little black book
maybe soon i'll post something about it cause it's kind of interesting :)

there is nothing better than warm pajamas and a fresh bedding. love it <3

marznę bez ciebie zamarzam powoli się kulę nad ranem tulę twoją koszulę czule
zawijam się w dywan twym zapachem się przykrywam...

weekend went so fast, didn't it?
my neck hurts from dancing. yup. my neck, i like to wave my hair while dancing. a lot :)

i think my world needs a bit of color
lots of color.

people listen to me. never ever give up and be yourself even when it costs you a lot. 
always be yourself!
love you,


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