paris and london - love it, need it :)

working on the flourish dress. 
i'm gonna scan my mood board to that cause it's wonderful.

today i noticed that i really like blogging. really. even though not many people read me and this blog i do like it anyway.

sitting in starbucks with large hazelnut hot chocolate by my side, and of course mint taste. 
we should be doing a school project but who cares.

i think that from today i should have glue and scissors in my bag all the time, they are pretty handy. 

post more later,





i has a interesting form, hasn't it?
i can see a dress like that... where's my sketch book? :)

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balloons at night


it's getting cold here. my feet, can't really feel them any more. i was shop hunting yesterday and found some really strange, strange things...

post later

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love you,


i love my new button

see? see?! on the right, you can get it there :)
i did it!
actually this is a prototype, just a first one. what do you think about it? 

i had quite a lot of fun doing it :)
but it was pretty new for me so it took me quite a long time to finish it but it's ready now! yea! 

it's late for a long note but it's coming :) promise 

love you,


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brutsid ton od [readingbackwards]

love todays school! the best maths ever and maggie's jokes :)

but later was so tiring... actually i didn't had any free time. that's not fair

today i remembered something very important. that this is a blog about fashion. so this week i'm gonna start a new series of post i think. and post something from the enchanted palace collection i guess.

and as for now:
please, for a sec let me reset

love you,



i hate mondays...

not exactly true. this one was ok, really.

nice morning but i have to change my group in language school.
really. hate. the. teacher.

new school bag, pink :) only one problem: weight, really heavy

and my own little black book
maybe soon i'll post something about it cause it's kind of interesting :)

there is nothing better than warm pajamas and a fresh bedding. love it <3

marznę bez ciebie zamarzam powoli się kulę nad ranem tulę twoją koszulę czule
zawijam się w dywan twym zapachem się przykrywam...

weekend went so fast, didn't it?
my neck hurts from dancing. yup. my neck, i like to wave my hair while dancing. a lot :)

i think my world needs a bit of color
lots of color.

people listen to me. never ever give up and be yourself even when it costs you a lot. 
always be yourself!
love you,



kew gardens again, i can't resist
a/w season=no flowers here :(

i wish i could be free...

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rubik's cube

i know. it is an awful photo. too dark etc. but it is sooc and i really like it.
maybe i should tell you what is in here. actually those are my two friends from class, they are absolutely crazy about rubik's cube. maybe some time i'll post a film about it cause they are amazingly fast, it looks really cool :)
i took that photo in a bus in germany on exchange. one of few great moments there :)

i don't really know why i choose that picture, i just really like it, i suppose.

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and we are catching up... again

i'm so disorganized... my room is impossible to clean up. great!
frustrated to the top
near the houses of parliment. miss it

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kodak in the corner

actually i prefer nikon

photo love <3
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~who am i?

i think that i'm like one of these models:
i didn't mean the figure. i wish i had that slim legs ;)
i didn't mean the beauty. maybe sometime i'll find that guy that loves me exactly as i am but  now i don't think of myself as pretty as those ones.

i meant originality. very original. but i don't know how to describe it. maybe someone that knows me really well? mint taste, ready? :)
when i walk down the street people give me strange looks. when i'm in the tram little children stare at me so hard that their mothers must pull them away. ufo.

and i'm still a bit absent minded girl with a passion, with a blog and rabbit.

love you people, really



wow... i'm quite proud of myself actually...

today i thought what i really have to have my own blog button. any ideas for the picture? anyone?

and i also have to answer those questions:

~who are you?
~what's your blog about - why did you start - what are your plans for it...
~tell me about the yummiest food experience, or eye-opening life experience...your own a-ha! moment...
~what one thing in your life keeps you sane and happy?

any ideas? a specially for the first and last one? no ____ idea

and i have really loads of homework to do. i need to read a stupid lecture that i haven't even started... great sunday coming :/

my friends told me that i should do something more with writing, eventually i'm getting better... that's nice :)
and today i did understand some strange stuff about the world that i live in. well, not really understand but notice.
it wasn't a pleasant experience really, coldness all around you when you think of it. 
mint taste. one thing: thank you, i missed that so much :*
i don't have time for fashion. i know it's not good and all that stuff. but i just can't find myself. anywhere. pretty sad when you see it on the screen in front of you, sitting on a bed in a too big hoodie.
i'm dancing a lot. maybe do a sketch or two about that, without this whole sketchbook-inspiration thing. more natural. 
currently i'm working on some more make-up art. should i show you that? i'm really original in that too :)

who am i? fashion please save me...

till tomorrow.


i am that

i love wondering around the city at night...

photos taken by me during a lonely walk around the city. love it...

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nothing better than blue

i just said everything i needed 

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i absolutely love those flowers. can anyone tell me what are those? Just saying it was a tree

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next coming.



okey... catching up!

need to write some posts

todays summary:
what did the world done to those people?

thank you for reading :)

wait a sec...



...is back

last week. horrible. german exchange in some village that no one knows about.

zakichane verden i marzenie o defenestracji tej idiotki

i think there is one thing that i've learned there.

,,it's a blessing to be original and not to be ashamed of this, no matter what others say''

i'm very desperate.

need to catch up... wait


a girl with acorns in her ears...

she did change. a bit or a lot... she doesn't know, yet or already.

she is sitting in colors that she used to hate, even wrote a post about that. now green and purple...
she returned to dancing. pretty happy about that.
she changed her hair even. left side not the middle... strange.

strange. strange is good. limited edition.

owls... fly, fly.
hate and love...
get up early.

tomorrow, little goodbye sadly... only one week.

love you all so much...


,,queen of rainbow, autobiography; part 1''

building on the sky

i love this sunset...

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taken in kew gardens, london <3
perfect for the first autumn days...

at least it's not raining :)

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