winter, magical season

as i wrote in the last post i think that winter photos of bare trees covered in snow and white frost are just amazing. like from wonderland!
it feels like they are magical.

and speaking of magic, they suit very well with my new collection, the enchanted palace.
i thought that you want to see more photos from my winter holidays two years ago:
and a bit different photo. of a saxophone :)
by the way, i love the way it sounds <3

p.s. they are all almost sooc, only a bit brighter

i hope you'll like them.
and i found my third inspiration:

i like the atmosphere of this video. and by the way is the singer that i really like so... let's get to the sketchbook!

love you,


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  1. I am with you, in that I really love the look of the snow/ice on bare trees. There is something almost fairy tale-like about it. Thank you for posting more! They really are wonderful!


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