we're the colors of the rainbow

actually it's quite true but not rainbow. we're the colors of this strange circle that shows up when you pick your font in writing program. each color has the darker and darker shade. and each has the brighter side of course but you can't really see it because it's deep inside.
sometimes veeeery deeep. i think that after long years of being dark, a person forgets the 'good' side/shade of the color.
sad :(

as to rainbow... don't you think that the light is a bit like... magical?
i think so... and the shadows, and the shining etc.

that what i love on wednesday this week.
my 'sister' said that this is perfect wallpaper picture :)
you've seen this photos before, they are from enchanted palace in london

it does suit my theme, doesn't it?

i'm exhausted, and there is still history waiting for me.

love you all so much,


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