we will not grow old

after lots of days without this series it has a big come back! hope i'm gonna be able to do that each sunday :)
outfit of the day: 11.09.2011
i absolutely love this photo <3
wearing: tank top - intimissimi
denim skirt - camaieu
converse - converse
scarf - kappahl
glasses - ray ban
bag - some shop in canada, baazar something
well necklace - lolita

i hope you'll like it :)

about my friday lesson... it went surprisingly well :). everybody listened to me and were very active at the practice part. they had to design an outfit within 10 minutes using only one colour. really creative. and they done that really well :)
congratulations to the whole 3g class! :)

my birthday is in 18 days. it's so unrealistic for me. this year passed so quickly!
i don't know what i'm going to do then... there are so many questions, opportunities and new challenges... my conclusion: being older sucks...

i really do like this and if you don't, i'm just saying, don't mess with me :) [i love writing threats:]

ok... i really need some sleep :)

write soon,

love you,



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