waterlily, so magical, so pure, so fragile

did you know that a waterlily blooms for only 3 to 4 days? that's so quick.
did you know that a waterlily in latin means a flower that belongs to nymphs? that is so magical.
and you probably know that a name lily comes from the exact plant and means purity, innocence and beauty.

when i was younger i hated (i still don't really like) my real name and named myself lily. you know, all the pictures and notebooks were signed by lily and all that stuff.

why am i telling you this? well...
this is my absolutely privet waterlily. i won't tell you where is it but it was totally discovered by me and shoot by me. 

you probably think that i am some kind of freak who sees magic everywhere.
well actually i kind of am, but i'm proud of that. and if you want to know there are lots of people who can confirm that :P

if you are searching for your sketchbook inspiration, you have to be open, very open and creative! have to! 
so the waterlilies are my next inspiration, for texture i think.

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love you so much,


p.s. magic is all around, you just have to look closely and you'll see glowing in peoples eyes. you'll be on good path to my rainbow kingdom.


  1. Water lilies are magical, pure, fragile, and oh so beautiful. Lovely photo. Mickie :)

  2. If seeing magic in every thing makes one a freak I suppose that would make me one as well. The world would be really boring without it.

    I love the waterlilies.

  3. I love waterlilies!!
    thank you for linking your lovely photo!


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