queen of rainbow

had you ever had a wonderful birthday cake? i bet they are all not as great as mine.
you think that cars and princesses are cool? and the ladybug is original?

no, no, no.

today on my family birthday party, on the table... lied...

a unicorn!
can you imagine how cool is that?
 without candles
 the head with the crown (i named her queen of rainbow)
and 15, because on wednesday i'm 15 
and gaga, because my family calls me like that. 
NO it's not from lady gaga, i was first.

and the inside was wonderful too:
look! a rainbow!
it was so amazing...

p.s. i have made it myself, with majas and my moms help. thank you!

what do you think? brilliant right? leave a comment :)

love you,


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