like to my sister...

but i don't have a sister!
i don't know how to talk to her, write to her.
and no. i don't have a brother either.

but i wish i had an older sister. really.

today i got a wonderful t-shirt that means more than hounded words.
i <3 friday

i want high heel shoes for winter, but my knee is broken so i can't wear heels for at least half of the year. my new friends are like emu shoes. flat and warm.

they have to be worm, very worm.
to those who know me it's normal but for some of you, there is an important info about me.

my feet are a-l-w-a-y-s cold. always. it doesn't matter what weather there is or if i'm sleeping under thick quilt or blanker. even if i'm wearing warm socks, even two pairs at the same time, my feet are always cold.

so today i have a question for you.
do you have any suggestions about my autumn/winter shoes? for cold feet. and they have to be flat.

thanks :)

love you all,


write more tomorrow. promise

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