i love my birthday!

today is my actual birthday. exactly 15 years ago, at 12.10 i was born. little, pink baby. so sweet.
i'm not that sweet any more :)

as it was 15 years, like in 15 more i'll be 30, after studies, with good job i hope, i thought that i'll make a little summary.

it wasn't a great life, but only few of us has one.
i can only hope that the next 15 years will be better.

today i had a wonderful dinner with my mum and cousin, great day at school (well almost, i did forgot the most important stuff but it was great anyways :)

and the most interesting thing for me was my birthday cake, in the morning as a breakfast.
i did made it myself, with a little help from Maja and my mum.
it took me 1 whole day to bake it and i used up 30 eggs and 3 packages of frosting but it was worth it.

do you remember the post i love rainbow also for what i love wednesday?
i did post a rainbow cake there:
it was so inspiring that i had made my own :)
do you like it? 

as to presents
my main present was the fashion course on these holidays
but apart from that i got a mysterious chanel nail polish, peridot:
and a another hat for my small collection, a black bonnet with red pompon on the top (photos tomorrow, promise)

tomorrow a big summary :)

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love you all so much,


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