gt: white love forever

meme for thursday. girls talk, white this week:
this one is actually about my absolute love. thanks to that i can be here and write to you. i helps a lot, a looot.

if you thought about my laptop, you're right.
well, it's a macbook so it's white :)
on the photo, it's not my actual device. i don't have a photo of mine, surprisingly.
there will be a photo tomorrow, promise. 

i love it so much that i even named it. it's a pear :) an apple pear :P

keep your fingers crossed for my history test in the morning :]

write more later,

love you,



  1. The white macbook looks cool

  2. i hope you did well with your history test! as for your toy, i mean tool, i love its name: apple pear. wow! :)

    Late GT visiting with my white entry as well! Hope to see you at mine! :)

  3. Love it!! I wanna have one for Christmas!!

  4. sweet, very pretty notebook, liked it :-) dropping some love for GT, hope you can visit me back


  5. one of my dream laptops, that alas, would forever remain a dream. not only is it expensive, it's also a no-no for me to own a gadget in white because of neatness issues. LOL.


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