gt: too big pink

next week on gt. this week's colour is pink.
lately this is my favorite pink thing. it really bright, too big and lovely!
i bought it my self this summer, before course. you won't know were. in beyond retro. if somebody doesn't know what this is, don't tell me. everybody should know.

this shop is absolutely amazing and full of wonderful stuff, you just have to look a bit closer :).

tomorrow i have a lesson about my fashion in my school... i'm a bit stressed... but it will be good, it will?

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  1. This jacket reminds me of a pink blazer i got which has been on a stand by mode at my closet for a long time now. I should pull it out soon since Fall is starting daily! :) This must be really comfortable because of its size, eh? :)

    I got LOTSA PINKS shared. Hope you can visit me, too! ;-)

  2. sleek! i hope your lesson went well ;)


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