girls talk: black elegance

you know something like meme, don't you?

so... i'm joining the one that's called girls talk. todays theme is black beauty.

something i would like to share... i know!

that's my hat:
yes. a plain, black hat. for me it's bit extraordinary ;]

but i love it! and i wear it with absolutely everything, it fits every outfit. and adds a unique touch to anything i wear. sometimes i add a bow tie on it to colour it a bit.

and there is one thing more that's black and i love it. i practically can't live without it.
it's my camera, nikon d80:

p.s. obviously, it's not a photo of my camera because i use it to take pictures :)

and that's it. my first girls talk meme :)
want to join? i've found it here: http://beautyqueengene.com/2011/09/gt-black-beauty/
if you have something like this, post a comment and i'll check it :)
love you,



  1. that's a lovely hat :) kinda reminds me of stanley kubrick's "a clockwork orange".


  2. Nikon is always my greatest dream for now hehehe mine is up and its here thanks Anne’s Sweet Life

  3. that's a nice hat that i myself would want to have! :) and the nikon d80-- great one, too! i bet you have amazing and beautiful pictures to share! :)

    On behalf of the GT meme host, welcome! :)

    You might want to check out my Black HZ30W. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  4. never been a fan of wearing hats, but that looks rad! :D


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