flower reindeer

well... i'm not sure exactly if it is a flower but it is definitely a plant :)
for me it looks like reindeers antlers. doesn't it?

and the colour is really nice too, don't you think? 
it kind of matches my theme, with magical things, so it's another inspiration :)

i'm exhausted because of my school. it's only second week and i feel like it's been like 5 months! teachers, chill a bit please!

also i'm proud to introduce you to new things on my blog. there is my twitter and pinterest accounts. 
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i'll write more later, promise

love you,



  1. thank you for linking with Flowers on Ssaturday:)
    I am following you on pinterest now :)

  2. It does look like tiny antlers. I have seen this plant before but I can't remember what it was called. Great shot.

  3. It reminds me of a silver plant that grows wild around here. It's so delicate.


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