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i really like memes, there is another one that i found here:

and i really think that is a great one.

and about this picture. well, actually there is a story behind it. as pretty much all of my pictures is sooc. i shoot that two years ago on my winter holidays when i went to the mountains to snowboard and visit my family. 
i was on a lovely walk around the village. i slipped on the ice and fell. but then i saw it, it just above my head and so beautiful...
i absolutely love those winter shoots

and they get on well with my new collection. maybe i should post some more later? what do you think?

i'm really exhausted... my school is killing me...

love you,


p.s. thank you for over 400 views and all the comments:)
i really appreciate that you are reading this



  1. The leaves are turning here in VA which means winter is not too far away. I cannot wait for the trees to look like this one. I love the Rhine ice on them...it is sososoosso beautiful. Your SOOC shot is beautiful. It has been a wonderful spring and summer, but I am more than ready for fall and winter. genie

  2. In a few months (hopefully no less!!), we will see this here.
    This is a wonderful image, and I thank you so much for sharing it at The Creative Exchange. I look forward to seeing more.

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful evening!


  3. I think this is a great shot. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell, but what a sight to behold.
    I love to take pictures of the trees when they are bare. I have to admit that is my favorite way to see a tree. They bare their beauty and when it snows, it's like they are cloaked in glory.

  4. I like your story of falling on the ice and looking up to see the beautiful, snow-covered branches. It is a lovely shot!


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