i love my birthday!

today is my actual birthday. exactly 15 years ago, at 12.10 i was born. little, pink baby. so sweet.
i'm not that sweet any more :)

as it was 15 years, like in 15 more i'll be 30, after studies, with good job i hope, i thought that i'll make a little summary.

it wasn't a great life, but only few of us has one.
i can only hope that the next 15 years will be better.

today i had a wonderful dinner with my mum and cousin, great day at school (well almost, i did forgot the most important stuff but it was great anyways :)

and the most interesting thing for me was my birthday cake, in the morning as a breakfast.
i did made it myself, with a little help from Maja and my mum.
it took me 1 whole day to bake it and i used up 30 eggs and 3 packages of frosting but it was worth it.

do you remember the post i love rainbow also for what i love wednesday?
i did post a rainbow cake there:
it was so inspiring that i had made my own :)
do you like it? 

as to presents
my main present was the fashion course on these holidays
but apart from that i got a mysterious chanel nail polish, peridot:
and a another hat for my small collection, a black bonnet with red pompon on the top (photos tomorrow, promise)

tomorrow a big summary :)

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love you all so much,



too much sugar

way too much...

a little summary of my two cakes:
-11 sponge cakes, in different colors
-6 packages of frosting
-too many hours spent on baking, waiting, frosting, waiting, decorating, waiting...

effect? a unicorn cake and a super epic rainbow cake :) (pictures tomorrow)

i'm exhausted

tired of waiting
tired of wet hair on the pillow
of ,,the purple cup mix''
of never ending stories.

that's my wor(l)d for today.

love you,
good night

today i am


i love london

you know that. and i miss it, very very much. i could go to school there, but only with my friends from here :)
this is like mostly photo of the sky near houses of parliament but in fact it is one of the series ,,the cab''.
i was just sitting there, watching the sunset and the traffic. and accidentally shoot a part of an interesting series :)
there are just photos of taxies going by in different places in london :)
maybe one day i'm gonna make a film out of them. got to think of that :P
and... surprise, surprise:
i hate mondays.
today there was the worst time table ever. my bag nearly pulled my arm of. horror
and a comedy but that's another theme. maybe sometime i'm gonna tell you about this tragicomedy :)

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queen of rainbow

had you ever had a wonderful birthday cake? i bet they are all not as great as mine.
you think that cars and princesses are cool? and the ladybug is original?

no, no, no.

today on my family birthday party, on the table... lied...

a unicorn!
can you imagine how cool is that?
 without candles
 the head with the crown (i named her queen of rainbow)
and 15, because on wednesday i'm 15 
and gaga, because my family calls me like that. 
NO it's not from lady gaga, i was first.

and the inside was wonderful too:
look! a rainbow!
it was so amazing...

p.s. i have made it myself, with majas and my moms help. thank you!

what do you think? brilliant right? leave a comment :)

love you,




it looks like a wedding dress.
no, no, thank you.

my mind went black. total reset.

love you,

write later,


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gt: unique orange

i'm unique
cause i am
gt is this week orange. orange lipstick, and my favorite pen (i have it for like 3 years, it's very comfortable).
lovely day....
not. but who cares?
nobody. jup. nobody.

as to orange... many people think that it is my favorite color. not true. 
i don't have my favorite color at all.

any ideas? in general?

gee. need some sleep.

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gee... (as i said, love to do that :P)

it's not my picture but i still love it

and still i have
what to 

yah... sure...

love you all very much,



what i love...

... i love to say gee...
yes that's it.

yes. that is definitely what i love doing. is it right?

hard day. help. anybody. please.

love you,


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love you, xo

like to my sister...

but i don't have a sister!
i don't know how to talk to her, write to her.
and no. i don't have a brother either.

but i wish i had an older sister. really.

today i got a wonderful t-shirt that means more than hounded words.
i <3 friday

i want high heel shoes for winter, but my knee is broken so i can't wear heels for at least half of the year. my new friends are like emu shoes. flat and warm.

they have to be worm, very worm.
to those who know me it's normal but for some of you, there is an important info about me.

my feet are a-l-w-a-y-s cold. always. it doesn't matter what weather there is or if i'm sleeping under thick quilt or blanker. even if i'm wearing warm socks, even two pairs at the same time, my feet are always cold.

so today i have a question for you.
do you have any suggestions about my autumn/winter shoes? for cold feet. and they have to be flat.

thanks :)

love you all,


write more tomorrow. promise


millennium bridge

as you probably notice in each one of my posts i'm working hard on my inspiration for the enchanted palace collection. almost every post has got something to do with this.
so now a need a bit of break:
this is a picture taken on the millennium bridge in london. i was going to tate modern gallery (one of my favorites in london, as you probably notice :) and testing abilities of my brand new ipod touch. actually it was shot accidentally. 
i just noticed that it was quite a long time ago, my converse are still red and white, brand new :)
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i've got a lot of homework which is slowly killing me in a most brutal way. help!

love you all,


p.s. anastasia! if you are reading this, i'm sorry but the package came back to me :(
i'm sending it again tomorrow <3 miss you


waterlily, so magical, so pure, so fragile

did you know that a waterlily blooms for only 3 to 4 days? that's so quick.
did you know that a waterlily in latin means a flower that belongs to nymphs? that is so magical.
and you probably know that a name lily comes from the exact plant and means purity, innocence and beauty.

when i was younger i hated (i still don't really like) my real name and named myself lily. you know, all the pictures and notebooks were signed by lily and all that stuff.

why am i telling you this? well...
this is my absolutely privet waterlily. i won't tell you where is it but it was totally discovered by me and shoot by me. 

you probably think that i am some kind of freak who sees magic everywhere.
well actually i kind of am, but i'm proud of that. and if you want to know there are lots of people who can confirm that :P

if you are searching for your sketchbook inspiration, you have to be open, very open and creative! have to! 
so the waterlilies are my next inspiration, for texture i think.

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p.s. magic is all around, you just have to look closely and you'll see glowing in peoples eyes. you'll be on good path to my rainbow kingdom.


gt: white love forever

meme for thursday. girls talk, white this week:
this one is actually about my absolute love. thanks to that i can be here and write to you. i helps a lot, a looot.

if you thought about my laptop, you're right.
well, it's a macbook so it's white :)
on the photo, it's not my actual device. i don't have a photo of mine, surprisingly.
there will be a photo tomorrow, promise. 

i love it so much that i even named it. it's a pear :) an apple pear :P

keep your fingers crossed for my history test in the morning :]

write more later,

love you,



we're the colors of the rainbow

actually it's quite true but not rainbow. we're the colors of this strange circle that shows up when you pick your font in writing program. each color has the darker and darker shade. and each has the brighter side of course but you can't really see it because it's deep inside.
sometimes veeeery deeep. i think that after long years of being dark, a person forgets the 'good' side/shade of the color.
sad :(

as to rainbow... don't you think that the light is a bit like... magical?
i think so... and the shadows, and the shining etc.

that what i love on wednesday this week.
my 'sister' said that this is perfect wallpaper picture :)
you've seen this photos before, they are from enchanted palace in london

it does suit my theme, doesn't it?

i'm exhausted, and there is still history waiting for me.

love you all so much,



black swan no.2 and no.1

i've seen a black swan only once in my life. it was in my favorite city, in st. james park. actually it was a cute pair of them.
i think it's kind of my new theme for a collection because they are mysterious and for me they are this kind of animal that are some kind of magical. you know, there was a swan princess in the fairy tales, and so on.
 and the other one
they were really, truly beautiful, in reality even more.
i love birds <3

love you,


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we will not grow old

after lots of days without this series it has a big come back! hope i'm gonna be able to do that each sunday :)
outfit of the day: 11.09.2011
i absolutely love this photo <3
wearing: tank top - intimissimi
denim skirt - camaieu
converse - converse
scarf - kappahl
glasses - ray ban
bag - some shop in canada, baazar something
well necklace - lolita

i hope you'll like it :)

about my friday lesson... it went surprisingly well :). everybody listened to me and were very active at the practice part. they had to design an outfit within 10 minutes using only one colour. really creative. and they done that really well :)
congratulations to the whole 3g class! :)

my birthday is in 18 days. it's so unrealistic for me. this year passed so quickly!
i don't know what i'm going to do then... there are so many questions, opportunities and new challenges... my conclusion: being older sucks...

i really do like this and if you don't, i'm just saying, don't mess with me :) [i love writing threats:]

ok... i really need some sleep :)

write soon,

love you,



flower reindeer

well... i'm not sure exactly if it is a flower but it is definitely a plant :)
for me it looks like reindeers antlers. doesn't it?

and the colour is really nice too, don't you think? 
it kind of matches my theme, with magical things, so it's another inspiration :)

i'm exhausted because of my school. it's only second week and i feel like it's been like 5 months! teachers, chill a bit please!

also i'm proud to introduce you to new things on my blog. there is my twitter and pinterest accounts. 
follow me on twitter: twitter.com/fashionbyOM

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i'll write more later, promise

love you,