i don't have internet! this is CATASTROPHE! (first capital letters on my blog)

but beyond this little (BIG) problem it's nice here.
we get up early and have breakfast. then some sports (jesus christ, it's compulsory!) and get ready for the lessons. they are quite interesting but the stuff i need is so heavy!

at 12.00 we have lunch and a little break. then back to work. we are learning till 16 and have a big break. dinner at 18 and some sports after. then watching a movie or some workshops.

first day. so tired!
second day. london and v&a. searching for inspirations.
today. printing (or actually trying to print) some more inspirations and doing our sketchbooks.

now i'm gonna have to go unfortunately because i have only limited internet time.

i hope to write more soon.

love you all,


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