i got it!

i finally know how to connect to the internet in the common room so i have connection everywhere! yea!

today it's raining and it's a bit cold. in an hour i'll have lessons about sketchbooks and inspirations. we are finishing (or really starting) to do our first real sketchbooks for our projects. i have a very colourful theme - exotic birds and dragons. sounds fun, doesn't it?
it's quite nice here, people are very friendly.''

that was what i wrote yesterday. but i didn't had much time to finish this post.
today i have a lot of free time so this is my post!

i just ate my first sweet thing from a week. i'm proud of myself (because i really love sweets :)
i really have great time here. next week we are doing some textiles work.

feathers! that's the point!

got to go now, bye

love you,


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