i know that you are all thinking. she's talking and talking about that photo-shoot and fashion show and where are the pictures?!
take it easy

there they are:
and about author of these photos. obviously, they are not taken by mint taste, just some random guy whose name i can't remember. :]

love you,


last day of summer

this was quite a good one.
first part: o my god, that is so boring...
second part: wow! that was it?!

lovely start, in a hospital spending 8 hours a day with mint taste, eating and talking.
then july just wondering around the city, eating starbucks sandwiches, photo-shooting...
and in the end london!
tate modern, oxford street, piccadilly circus... ah! that is life!

csm summer school. loved it! <3
nice people
great classes
fabulous summer!
thank you again
and miss you

fashion photo-shoot, fashion show, the sketchbook... yup, i want to be in that business.

write later,

love you


have you ever...

...been to the enchanted palace? i've been. as it says it is magical from the beginning right to the very end.

normally this place is called kensington palace. but... for me it will always remain enchanted palace. always. it was a great trip and i miss it so much...

and there are some photos:
the seat of power!
princess margaret
the room of fish & beer
another strange thing in a fireplace
the room of dancing princesses
and feathers
not exactly true but still nice
the room of lost childhood
birds escape
and clocks
and in the end the dress by vivienne westwood
author of the photos: queen of rainbow

hope you like them and enjoy!

love you,



i just...

...realised that i always write that i'll write more later or soon. and i never do. that's not right!
i need to work on that.
there it is:

i'm back home now. the course was worth the long separation from family and friends. i would be more fun with them on my side but it was still brilliant.

and now little summary:
i met wonderful people, sharing their passion for arts, fashion and design. they are all different but in a good way :). very tolerant, nice and friendly. thank you ISCA! i miss them now!

i've learned lots of new and very useful stuff on that course. sketchbook work, fabric cutting, printing, sewing, customising clothes... i can write on and on and on.. love the classes, beside of little (big) problems with the tutor it was great!

it was my first summer school and i loved it! i wish i could do that again...

wait a sec...


such a nice surprise

we did it! more then 200 views. congratulations!
thank you that you are with me all that time. i don't even know who you are but i still have some kind of bond with you. thank you one again!

i'm ill. i can't talk. i have a headache and fever. great isn't it?
i have nothing to do really. lots of free time is not good either...

tomorrow we are going to thorpe park. fantastic as my roommate says. not for me. i'm just gonna sit somewhere and do nothing all day. that's the plan...

what do you want to read about? like, what i should put here? leave comments below...

love you all, guys... and thanks again

write soon,



i got it!

i finally know how to connect to the internet in the common room so i have connection everywhere! yea!

today it's raining and it's a bit cold. in an hour i'll have lessons about sketchbooks and inspirations. we are finishing (or really starting) to do our first real sketchbooks for our projects. i have a very colourful theme - exotic birds and dragons. sounds fun, doesn't it?
it's quite nice here, people are very friendly.''

that was what i wrote yesterday. but i didn't had much time to finish this post.
today i have a lot of free time so this is my post!

i just ate my first sweet thing from a week. i'm proud of myself (because i really love sweets :)
i really have great time here. next week we are doing some textiles work.

feathers! that's the point!

got to go now, bye

love you,




i don't have internet! this is CATASTROPHE! (first capital letters on my blog)

but beyond this little (BIG) problem it's nice here.
we get up early and have breakfast. then some sports (jesus christ, it's compulsory!) and get ready for the lessons. they are quite interesting but the stuff i need is so heavy!

at 12.00 we have lunch and a little break. then back to work. we are learning till 16 and have a big break. dinner at 18 and some sports after. then watching a movie or some workshops.

first day. so tired!
second day. london and v&a. searching for inspirations.
today. printing (or actually trying to print) some more inspirations and doing our sketchbooks.

now i'm gonna have to go unfortunately because i have only limited internet time.

i hope to write more soon.

love you all,