welcome to london!

i'm in london now. sitting on my bed, chilling...
how lucky i am?

i've been to london how many times, still it surprises me. a lot. especially people. what they wear particularly. maybe i'll get some pictures of them?

let's get something clear. mint taste knows how to deal with fashion. if you want to find a particular item he'll find it in few minutes. but he's not always right, not some guru stuff ;) but he instructed me to go to abercrombie shop. i think i was one of my fastest shopping ever. i just got through the crowd in the entry, there is this handsome model, you can take pictures with him, and run upstairs. i almost fell down because it's so dark, loud and stuffy there. and this smell.

whole shop is covered with it. my head was hurting 2 hours after that.

when i got upstairs, i just smelled the abercrombie fragrance for women ,,8''. i doesn't smell nice at all for me.

my conclusion from this shop is that the team there must be specially trained for this job, they are enjoying it!

all day long i was exhausted, i had to be at the airport at 4.30! then bus to victoria, and bus to paddington. searching for my hotel, waiting for my room. but finally i could get to the center and go to major shops for the first day. top shop, h&m, desigual, waterstones. there i almost fall asleep while reading a book so i got back to the hotel and spend some time here.

now i'm going to bed.
write more soon, promise.

love you all,


p.s. we survived!

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