it's big, red and now quite heavy (luckily, i have a lot of extra weight left). my entire world fits in it. clothes, books, make-up, art. that's really me. guess what's that?

to those of you who thought about my suitcase, you're right. it is.

as i promised this is it:
and in closeup:
p.s. those are my personal things, i'll describe them when i'll make a look with those

it's almost done, only few more thing to pack. tomorrow i'm going on art shopping, to buy watercolours and gouache paints. and few more things. do you have any more ideas about what i should bring?

and also... do you know any great shop with converse and dr. martens shoes? because i want to buy them in london for the first time and i don't really know any good shops.

i'm taking loads of things, even my best friend, mint taste, hoodie :). thanks to my mom, i'm prepared for almost every weather. well, without -50 degrees celsius but i think that it won't be necessary in the middle of august. once again, thanks mom! :)

do you know any good artistic shop in central london or near paddington? because i need to buy some paper, like layout and cartridge pads. i don't know the difference? and what's an hardback presentation sketchbook? do you know?

i think that's enough for one post :).

i'll write later, soon.

love you,


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