finally, sun!

it's not raining! sun, sun, sun (well almost because it's now night here)...

i was packing today, well... really doing my laundry. loads of it. now my entire room is covered in clothes... well it is always but now they are clean. :)

first: i feel very sad about amy winehouse's death. r.i.p
second: i just wanted to drop here not really knowing what to write about. do you like those posts? because i'm just taking my mind out of my normal life when i'm here, writing.

i suppose some of you are waiting for my fashion to come here. maybe some of you don't know it but i'm a beginner fashion designer. i now have some sketches, maybe i'll post them soon... what do you think?

i'm planning to post here my list of thinks in my suitcase and those that i want to buy in london. any suggestions?

i think i'll post every day while i'm on my course and in london as well. you'll know first :) follow my blog and twitter so you can catch up with my news all the time :)

next post about suitcase (and converse coming up!)

love you,

write soon,


p.s. i think that this is my longest post without pictures. wow. i'm proud of myself, getting better :)

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