few words about sunglasses...

as i said on twitter, my favorite fashion piece for summer are sunglasses.

my favorites are ray ban's. personally, i have two pairs, one of them are sunglasses:

they look quite retro, don't you think?

our brilliant photographer, photos really really soon, has a pair of ray ban's too.
classical aviator's, mmm.

as we are already in the topic of ray ban's, i wear optical glasses as well. these are them:
back to sunglasses.
they are my absolutely favorite fashion pice for summer because different ones can change the whole look. that's why they should be well fitted.

my retro ones are just perfect for a girly, flourish look. an orange lips :)
aviators are unisex ones but i think that they look better on men, don't you think?
they look great with a bit military or sailor look.
but... as i think of it, they look good with almost everything. it's a classical model.

and you? do you have ray ban's or any other sunglasses and you want to share them with us?

write, tweet, post, comment

catch again soon,

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